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Introduction to PaSSHport

What is PaSSHport ?

PaSSHport is a software that allows you to control the SSH access of your IT components : Linux/Unix servers, network switchs, routers, WiFi access points, and any appliances that is accessed by SSH. In three words : who accesses what ?

PaSSHport has been written with the following in mind :

  • Similar to SSHgate
  • Two main objects : targets and users (we'll see below what are those)
  • Objects can be grouped : targetgroups and usergroups
  • Record all sessions of users
  • Can be fully configure and used from the command line interface
  • Can do Secured Copy (scp)
  • REST API based communication between components so that it can be easily integrated in an automated IT environment
  • Use only OpenSource technologies

Please read below to understand the main components, and how they work together.


PaSSHport project is composed with 3 main programs :

  • passhportd : the daemon that verify access rights, and store configuration
  • passhport : the script that receive the connection (it does NOT replace the SSH server). Think of it has the shell a user falls into when connecting to a PaSSHport gateway
  • passhport-admin : the script that is used to configure passhportd. SysAdmins will use it to add a user, a target, a usergroup, a targetgroup, and combine those to configure accesses


Now let's go to the installation process…