Website for Somerset Mobile Libraries. Completed as quick hack.
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Mobile Libraries

Project for displaying a mobile library timetable in a live departure/arrival style web dashboard. This is currently deployed to:

What is it?

Mobile library data includes stop locations, times, address details, number of routes, day of the week, etc. This is a project to visualise that data in a more interesting way than typical (often PDF) timetable listings.

Supporting technologies

Technology Description
Web HTML, JavaScript (with various libraries), and CSS
GIS & Python A GIS route mapping service is used to generate routes between library stops. A python scripts creates the routes data. This can be run on a once only basis (or whenever routes are changed).

Alternative library service

The application is designed to be easily customisable to an alternative mobile library service.

By modifying the mobiles.config file, and providing alternative data in the data folder, the solution can be made to work for any library service. The python scripts provided should provide the means to create geo-coordinate point data (if not available already) and route data.

Mobile library data

The data for the mobile libraries is held in the somersetmobiles data, a comma separated values file with the following fields for each mobile library stop.

Field Description Example
Id An auto-incrementing ID assigned to each stop, starting at 1. Not shown in display but used in code to uniquely reference stops. 1
Mobile The name of the mobile library Taunton
Route The route letter A
Day The day of the week Tuesday
StartDate The start date of the stop. 4/12/2016
Location Short location description Week lane
Postcode Postcode of the stop TA24 7JL
Start The start time of the stop 12:40
End The end time of the stop 13:00
Address A full address for the stop Withypool Post Office, Withypool, TA24 7QP
Place Village or town name Winsford
Lat The latitude geocoordinate of the stop. 51.10708
Lng The longitude geocoordinate of the stop. 3.5800926

Creating routes

Route data is created by a python script,, and makes use of an Open Street Map Open Route Service.

Running this python script will create a series of XML files within the data directory. These will then be used by the web application to display routes when selecting a particular mobile route.

Third party licences

The solution makes use of a number of openly-licensed libraries, detailed here.

Name Description Link Licence
Leaflet Lightweight JavaScript interactive map framework Leaflet Open Source
Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web Bootstrap MIT
Bootswatch Free themes for bootstrap. This code makes use of the 'sandstone' theme. Bootswatch MIT
Datatables Table plug in allowing dynamic searching, sorting and filtering of HTML tables. DataTables MIT
JSZip Required for the download of Excel files in DataTables. JSZip MIT
Moment A library of Date/Time manipulation and parsing functions Moment MIT
Papa Parse Used for parsing CSV data. PapaParse MIT
jQuery Required by Bootstrap, Datatables and used for general JavaScript shortcuts jQuery MIT


Original code licensed with the MIT Licence