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The Library Carpentry Website

This is the repository for the new Library Carpentry website. Please submit additions and fixes as pull requests to our GitHub repository.

Lessons are not stored in this repository: please see the Library Carpentry lessons page for links to the individual lesson repositories.

Library Carpentry is an open project, and we welcome contributions of all kinds. By contributing, you are agreeing that Library Carpentry may redistribute your work under this license, and to abide by The Carpentries' code of conduct.


The website uses Jekyll, a static website generator written in Ruby. You need to have Version 2.0.0 or higher of Ruby and the package manager Bundler. (The package manager is used to make sure you use exactly the same versions of software as GitHub Pages.) After checking out the repository, please run:

$ bundle install

to install Jekyll and the software it depends on. You may consult Using Jekyll with Pages for further instructions.

You will also need Python 3 with PyYAML available in order to re-generate the data files the site depends on.


Please do not use jekyll build or jekyll serve directly to build or view the website. Instead, you should use the following commands:

  • make or make commands: list available commands.
  • make serve: build files locally and run a server at for viewing. This is the best way to preview the site.
  • make site: build files locally, but do not serve them dynamically.
  • make clean removes the _site directory and any Emacs editor backup files littering the source directories.

The details describes a few more advanced commands as well. Please note that rebuilding this site can take 3-4 minutes on a moderately powerful laptop, and occasionally times out on GitHub. We're working on it ...


To write a blog post, create a file called _posts/YYYY/MM/ YYYY is the 4-digit year of the post, MM the 2-digit month, and DD the 2-digit day; some-title can be any hyphenated string of words that do not include special characters such as quotes. Please do not use underscores or periods in the names. When published, your blog post will appear as

The YAML header of a blog post must look like this:

layout: blog-post
authors: ["Your Name"]
title: "A Title-Cased Title for the Post"
category: blog

Note also that authors is a list---if the post has more than one author, please format the list like this:

authors: ["First Author", "Second Author", "Third Author"]

rather than running all the authors' names together in one long string.