Learn git(hub) with the help of the Library Code Year Interest Group.
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Getting Started


Git Project from the LITA/ALCTS Library Code Year IG

Welcome! This repository will be a resource where LIS types can play around with Git and GitHub.

You do not have to be a member of the Library Code Year Interest Group to participate.

What do I do here?

Follow the instructions in the getting started project. This will have you install git, set up an account on GitHub, and contribute to this repository.

What is Markdown?

Markdown—the language this readme is written in—is a markup language, like HTML and XML, designed to be lightweight and easy to type quickly. Markdown files typically end in .md, .mdown, or .markdown. GitHub uses markdown as its preferred format for displaying readme files like this one.

The full Markdown syntax documentation is here and the GitHub-flavored documentation is here. The GitHub syntax is almost identical; one can get by without ever referencing its documentation. There's also a nice cheatsheet in adam-p's markdown-here repo.

I'm already a git master, how can I help?

Awesome! Thanks for offering.

You can answer people's questions in the issues queue or create new lessons for people to work on. Does something not make sense? Are the instructions inaccurate or poorly written? Do you have more resources on learning git? Send a pull request! We'll be happy to include your ideas.