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Resources for Learning (& Using) Git & Github

Getting Setup

  • Pro Git chapter 1.4 covers installing git on Linux, Mac, & Windows
  • StackOverflow's How to Install Git covers all the major operating systems and installation methods

Learn Git

  • ACRL TechConnect's "Gentle Introduction to Modern Version Control" by John Fink is a good starting point for understanding version control (the type of software Git is)
  • OpenHatch has a great "training mission" on using git
  • Git Ready is a nice set of command explanations, categorized "beginner," "intermediate," and "advanced"
  • Code School's Try Git course (looks like a few lessons are free, later ones are paid?).
  • Once you have some commands under your belt, the Git Cheat Sheet is a good place to go to learn more

Learn GitHub

Learn the Command Line

While not required knowledge to use git (see the Git GUIs below), a basic familiarity with the command line is useful in using Git and understanding what's going on.

Git Reference & Books

  • Git Reference documents various commands & options
  • Pro Git, a book about Git that's more accessible than its title makes it sound

Git GUIs

Graphical software that lets you use Git without the command line.

There is a list of GUIs available on the official Git website.