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This script creates a .csv file of all digitized titles available in Chronicling America, the Library of Congress’ database of historic American newspapers. Please visit for background information about the various views of data available from Chronicling America.

While most of the information related to all digitized titles can be downloaded directly from, this script also parses the JSON information for each title (e.g. in order to also grab the associated hierarchical place information (state, county, city) for each title.


The output from this script is one .csv file named ‘chronam_all_digitized.csv’. Each row in the .csv represents one title and its associated title-level descriptive metadata fields. Information is saved in the .csv in the following order: State, LCCN, Title, JSON view of the Title URL, Issue count, First issue, Last issue, Place(s) of publication.


To run this script, you'll need to have Python 3 installed. You will also need access to a command line interface such as Terminal on OS X, Anaconda on Windows, or other.


Save the file to a folder where you want the results file saved. Using the command line interface, navigate to the folder.

Run the script by typing: python

As a notification that the script is running, you will see the information being gathered for each title printed to the console. When the script is done running, a count of the number of digitized titles and the word ‘done’ will be printed to the console. A file called chronam_all_digitized.csv will appear at the location where the script was run.


The script can be edited to add, omit, or change the order of specific fields.


We used this script to pull data from Chronicling America to create data visualizations available at

Next Steps

Please provide any feedback you may have by creating a ticket.

If you use this script, please let us know at LC Labs or

For additional information about accessing the Library of Congress’ collections programmatically please visit LC for Robots.

Rights Statement

Script is free to use and reuse without restriction.
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