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LibreCAD is a 2D CAD drawing tool based on the community edition of QCad. LibreCAD has been re-structured and ported to Qt 4/5 and works natively cross platform between OSX, Windows and Linux. It can read DWG and DXF files; and it can write DXF, SVG, PDF and more!
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CI scan-build html works, place it in the gh-pages root Mar 17, 2016
desktop added new image and tool tip for mouse widget in status bar Jan 27, 2015
libraries fixed Qt4 /C++11 issue in libdxfrw; #697 Apr 12, 2016
librecad fixed export image's resolution feature; #694 May 30, 2016
mkspec/macports Clean up FreeBSD build a bit. Jan 1, 2014
plugins Updated translations after lupdate May 28, 2016
scripts use lrelease as determined by QT_SELECT and qtchooser Mar 16, 2016
tools more static analysis warning fixes Mar 25, 2016
.gitignore added custom widget creator and double-click menu; issue #631 Mar 20, 2016
.travis.yml pulled in .travis.yml from 2.0 branch [ci skip] Mar 30, 2016
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LICENSE LICENSE updated May 16, 2016
LICENSE-MIT.txt Added muparser source code Mar 20, 2014
LICENSE_Apache2.txt License: added Apache2/GPLv3 licenses Dec 5, 2011
LICENSE_GPLv3.txt License: added Apache2/GPLv3 licenses Dec 6, 2011
LICENSE_KST32B_v2.txt Added Japanese fonts: KST32B Sep 29, 2014 switched version to 2.1.0-beta May 13, 2016
common.pri eliminated redundant c++11 qmake messages Feb 11, 2016
gpl-2.0.txt Initial Import of CADuntu Aug 16, 2010
gpl-2.0greater.txt added or-greater text to librecad changes and additions Oct 17, 2011
librecad.astylerc Added options file for astyle code formater Nov 13, 2011
librecad.dox updated librecad.dox Jun 24, 2013 eliminated redundant c++11 qmake messages Feb 11, 2016
librecad.sln Fix permissions on non-executables Aug 15, 2013
license-lc_opengost-fonts.txt fixed opengost fonts: license, encoding Nov 9, 2014
settings.pri renamed setting .pro files to .pri Aug 26, 2013

LibreCAD Build Status

LibreCAD is a 2D CAD drawing tool based on the community edition of QCAD.
LibreCAD uses the cross-platform framework Qt, which means it works with most operating systems.
The user interface is translated in over 30 languages.

Most of the project is released under the GPLv2 license,
but please read the LICENSE file for additional information.

The master branch is used for the development of version 2.1.0,
which will be released by the end of May 2016.

The 2.0 branch represents the latest release plus bug fixes. Build Status

libdxfrw is an associated project that allows LibreCAD to read DWG files.

Requests and Bug reports

Questions or Comments

Git the source


SourceForge is the primary download location for Windows and OS X users.
We will also try to offer downloads on the release page of this repository.

Linux packages:

2.1.0 alpha versions: Windows - OS X



We recently started a resources repository for people that want to indirectly
contribute to the project by supplying icons, stylesheets, documentation, templates...

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