Error pa keystroke for paint parallel line #297

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In function keycodeToAction of file rs_commands.cpp:

... else if (c==tr("pa", "parallel")) {
    ret = RS2::ActionDrawLine;

It is correct?
Could It be?

else if (c==tr("pa", "parallel")) {
ret = RS2::ActionDrawLineParallel;.

dxli was assigned Feb 22, 2012


dxli commented Feb 22, 2012

fixed in master branch, commit: 8779b79

need to test on 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT before pushing the fix

There are more issues, for example:
-Toggling "Snap on Grid" does not work with the keystroke "sg".


dxli commented Feb 22, 2012

Actually, "sg" works here for master branch.

The command line interface needs a redesign for implementation of script support, full cli interface support. The ideal outcome is to run LC by cli with or without GUI at user's choice; user should be able to do the drawing, processing, printing, etc., by scripts. This may lead to another small size disk file format for drawings.


dxli commented Feb 24, 2012

fixed in 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT, commit: 22e56ef

dxli closed this Feb 24, 2012

"sg" does not work at my computer yet.
Before your commit (or both commits, dont know) "os" (free positioning) worked, but now it does not work anymore.

dxli reopened this Feb 24, 2012


dxli commented Feb 24, 2012

I know the command system needs cleanup, and much addition. The shear amount of work coding needed stops me from digging deep there.

I will make the command sub-system map based, and hopefully, easier to maintain from now on. The original implementation is based on string comparison.


dxli commented Feb 29, 2012

reorganized the rs_commands class, commit: 01c9686

Please keep reporting command problems here, I hope the new way of the rs_commands helps expanding command support from now on

When I enter "li" and press Esc, "Command not found:" with little triangle following is shown. The selection of the "Line with two points" function was successful. See the screenshot "command_not_found.png" inside the zip archive.
The second line "Command not found: ##" was generated when I pressed Alt+Print to make the screenshot.

When I press "os" several times "Parallels with distance" is selected.
When I press "sc" the center snapping is not enabled. Pressing "sc" several times generates "Command not found" messages, see command_not_found2.png


dxli commented Feb 29, 2012

the keycode is made more verbose: commit: 39253a5

the snap keycodes seems to be another bug.

Currently, snap widgets are kept in two separate sets: one in top area toolbar, another set in main menu. This design makes signal propagation more error prone.

The snap actions need a clean up.

r-a-v-a-s added the bug label Aug 8, 2015


r-a-v-a-s commented Aug 8, 2015

All commands noted are working as expected in commit: d1f7f92

r-a-v-a-s closed this Aug 8, 2015

dxli was unassigned by r-a-v-a-s Aug 8, 2015

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