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Reordering of Line and Polyline tools #319

to-b opened this Issue · 3 comments

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In order to improve the usability of LibreCAD non single straight line tools (Rectangles, Polygones1 + 2 and Freehand lines) should be moved away from the Lines menu.
Rectangles, Polygones1 + 2 should create polylines.
See PDF:


Can anyone think of a benefit from using lines for the rectangle and polygon tools?

What about a tool option to use lines or polylines?

@r-a-v-a-s r-a-v-a-s added the request label

I would tend to think that using lines for anything that can be done in lines as opposed to polylines would be better, as it would give a figure that could be modified easier, since the endpoints of each segment are clearly defined.

I tend to only want to use a poly-line when there is no simple straight line or curve solution that works....


dxli made the rectangle tool produce a polyline: d6bbf04
I think it makes more sense for it to be a single object.
If you move an endpoint, then both associated sides move with it.
If you select a side, then the whole object becomes selected.

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