Button combination causes crash on 2.0a4 #349

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  1. Open LibreCAD and select "Info" -> "List entities"
  2. Click on the "Selection Pointer" icon.
  3. LibreCAD crashes.

This occurs using the PPA AMD64 build for Ubuntu Quantal.


Rallaz commented Nov 26, 2012

"Info" -> "List entities" is a plugin, probably related about:
Can confirm if bug still present in LibreCAD beta1 ?

Still occurs on the beta1 20121125 build.


Rallaz commented Nov 29, 2012

I suppose with "Selection Pointer" you mean "(De-)Select entity" icon.

  1. Open LibreCAD and draw some entities (or not) select "Info" -> "List entities"
  2. Click on the "(De-)Select entity" icon. (not needed, set as default)
  3. Click on continue button => works as expected.

Tested in winXP 32bits and OpenSuse x86_64

Amother posibility is an incorrect liblist.so
"Modify->Align" or "Modify->Same properties" works? (both are plugins)

By "Selection Pointer" I mean the icon that looks like a blue triangle/arrow facing left. It reads "Selection Pointer" on a tool tip when I mouse over it. If I select "Modify->Align" then press the "Selection Pointer" icon, LibreCAD also crashes. "Modify->Same properties" then pressing the "Selection Pointer" icon also causes a crash, although I have to press the icon twice.

I ran LibreCAD from the command line and got this error text after the crash: "Segmentation fault (core dumped)"


Rallaz commented Nov 30, 2012

Ok, I found it, then, more tests
In winXP 32bits select "Modify->Align" then press the "Selection Pointer" icon, command are cancel, but no crashes
I need to install an Ubuntu to continue testing :-(

Some considerations:
"Selection Pointer" icon calls "ActionEditKillAllActions" and probably is not what you want (same effect that press cancel key). "Selection Pointer" tip not seems a good description.

On click in "Info -> List entities", in LC command window sais: "Select objects" and in left are sown the selection toolbar ( "(De-)Select entity", "window select" etc) use these icons to select entities, then click in "continue" button


Rallaz commented Dec 1, 2012

I found the bug and I patched it
please, test and close this issue if is correct
You should wait 1-2 days until a new daily build is published

Works now!

@Funktronix Funktronix closed this Dec 4, 2012

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