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Bypass selection menu if already have selected items to modify - suggestion #354

atorrey opened this Issue · 2 comments

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This is a minor annoyance, that I think shouldn't be terribly hard to fix...

I find that if I want to modify an element in my drawing, I tend to select it first, then click the appropriate modify button. Currently, this drops me into the selection menu, and I have to click on the continue button to actually get to the screens that make the modifications....

This is an extra step that gets annoying over time.

It would be nice if the program could check to see if items have already been selected when a modify button is pressed, and if they have been, to bypass the selection menu. If nothing has been selected, then it should continue the current behavior of going to the select menu.


Just from my use of LibreCAD, I don't think it would necessarily be a good idea to have the program automatically skip the menu. I agree that it does get frustrating to have to bypass the selection menu, however, if I wanted to select additional entities, I would want the menu to still show up. Further, after a change, you end up with entities still selected. It is not easy to deselect these (it requires another menu), so you may end up with entities selected that you didn't want during the next edit. I think in earlier versions, maybe it was even QCad, right clicking would back up and eventually deselect everything, but it doesn't deselect everything anymore.

I would like it to be easier to skip though! I'm not too familiar with the current state of hot-keys/key bindings in the project, but this should be doable as a hot-key (if it isn't already).

In general, I don't like the idea of a computer guessing what I want, though there are a few exceptions. It takes a lot of work to make it efficient and accurate (you must look at all possible cases), and more often then not it gets in my way just as much as the few extra steps to do it manually would.


Perhaps one could pick the desired behavior as one of the options in the program preferences dialog? I know that I find I either select stuff first (most of the time) OR I select it afterwards, but I don't think I've ever done it both ways during the same operation.

In terms of the deselection, I could see it as a good thing to either make it a possibly optional automatic function (again a behavior selection) to deselect everything after a function is complete, or possibly put a "deselect all" button on the toolbar.

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