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Circle tangent to two circles and a point only draws one of two possible circles #355

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If trying to draw a circle using the "Draw a tangential circle of two circles passing a given point" function, there are often two possible circles which can be drawn, one with the two circles inside the new circle, and one with them outside.

I can not find any way to make the program draw the one with the two circles INSIDE the new circle, even though it should be possible. (If I guess at the approximate tangent points, I can draw an arc with three points that approximates the desired shape, but isn't quite right, so it is a valid construction....)

Can this be added?


A temporary solution via geometric construction:


  1. create the line that includes the centers of the two given circles
  2. use the "tangent(c,c)" tool to draw an external common tangent
  3. create the line that includes the intersection (H) and the given point (E)
  4. use the 3 point circle tool to create the circle that includes E, F and G
  5. use the "tangential, 2 points" tool with one of the original circles and E & I.
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