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Librecad chokes on this open hardware dxf file #360

markvdb opened this Issue · 3 comments

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(I just mistakenly submitted this bug to Sorry about the double reporting.)

This makes librecad choke:

librecad 1.0.1+nolibs-2~daily~natty1
libdxf lib

Is there anything I can do?

P.S. Thank you for your work on Librecad!


You are using an old LC version. The last stable version in 1.0.2
or update to daily-builds (2.0.0 beta1)
At this moment I can´t test your dxf in LC1.x but in 2series it works.

dxflib are a old & unmantained library that support dxf 12 & 2000, your dxf is 2007
LC 2 series uses libdxfrw (in LC source code) more modern and mantained.
I recommend you to upgrade to daily-builds

If you get open, you will find a problem, LC will be slow because the use of splines need further optimization and your drawing is made with a program that converts all to splines (exactly 149 splines)


Attached a screenshot of your file


Sorry I hadn't checked the dev branch. Thx for the hint!

Feel free to merge this into a spline optimisation bug. You'll know best yourself how to organise that...

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