Circles intersection in 2.0.0alpha4 #361

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I'm using LibreCAD 2.0.0alpha4 with Gnome 3.

I have 3 circles, but intersection snap works between two circles but not between two other.

I can send dxf.


atorrey commented Feb 15, 2013

I could be wrong, but this sounds kind of like it might be related to my previously submitted bug about not getting intersections on tangential circles...

Averell7 commented Mar 9, 2013

I could not reproduce the bug described above, but there is a simple case which bugs any time.

  1. Draw a vertical line, using the tool for that (or using "line with two points" and shift, but the bug appears only if the line is vertical).
  2. draw two intersecting circles using "Circle with center and point", with center on each end of the line.
  3. Try to get the intersections of the circles, it does not work. Delete the line, the problem remains. So the problem has probably nothing to do with the line itself but with the fact that the two centers are just one above the other.

TNick commented Mar 18, 2013

This may be a temporary fix

Some experiment confirms that the bug happens only when the two circles' centers have the same x coordinate (= are vertically aligned)


TNick commented Mar 18, 2013

As mentioned in the other bug report the underlying math is correct but the limits that are set are too narrow for a real life application. The problem now has attention and I suggest adding / add myself what you have described as a test case.

Thank you for your work. Good news if the problem has attention. I am unsure if you expect something of me.

Additional information : I downloaded the Windows build of march 7th on Source Forge. Situation is different :
When I draw two circles with centers vertically aligned, I can select the intersections. I thought the bug was fixed. But if I save the file, close it and open it again, the intersections of vertically aligned circles are no longer selected. If I draw two new circles, intersections of these circles are correcly selected, but not those of the circles present when I opened the file.


TNick commented Mar 24, 2013

No, not expecting anything from you. Can't say that I'm actively working on this right now, but thanks for providing additional details.


dxli commented Jul 10, 2014

tested, and it works for 2.0.4

dxli closed this Jul 10, 2014

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