Development Setup

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The following guidelines describe how to set up a development environment for contribution of code.

Set up a development environment

If you want to submit a patch for Catmandu, you need git and very likely also milla (Dist::Milla). We also recommend perlbrew (see below) to test and develop Catmandu on a recent version of perl. We also suggest App::cpanminus) to quickly and comfortably install perl modules under perlbrew.

In the following sections we provide tips for the installation of some of these tools together with Catmandu. Please also see the documentation that comes with these tools for more info.

Perlbrew tips (Optional)

Install perlbrew for example with

cpanm App::perlbrew

Check which perls are available

perlbrew available

At the time of writing it looks like this


Then go on and install a version inside Perlbrew. I recommend you give a name to the installation (--as option), as well as compiling without the tests (--n option) to speed it up.

perlbrew install -n perl-5.16.3 --as catmandu_dev -j 3

Wait a while, and it should be done. Switch to your new Perl with:

perlbrew switch catmandu_dev

Now you are using the fresh Perl, you can check it with:

which perl

Install cpanm on your brewed version of perl.

perlbrew install-cpanm

Install dependencies (required)

this section needs to be rewritten to reflect the change to Dist::Milla

Get Catmandu sources

Get the Catmandu sources from github (for a more complete git workflow see below):

Clone your fork to have a local copy using the following command:

$ git clone

The installation is then straight forward:

$ cd Catmandu
$ perl Build.PL
$ ./Build
$ ./Build test
$ ./Build install

You can now start with hacking Catmandu and patch submission!

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