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An item is the basic unit of data processing in Catmandu. Items are data structures build of key-value-pairs (aka objects), lists (aka arrays), strings, numbers, and null-values. All items can be expressed in JSON and YAML, among other formats.

Internally all data processing by Catmandu is using a generic data format not unlike JSON. If one imports MARC, XML, Excel, OAI-PMH, SPARQL, data from a database or any other format, everything can be expressed as JSON.

For example:

  • JSON/YAML - when importing a large JSON/YAML collections as an array, every item is a Catmandu item.
  • Text - for text import every line of text is one Catmandu item.
  • MARC - when importing MARC data, every record in a MARC file is one Catmandu item.
  • XLS,CSV - for tabular formats such as Excel, CSV and TSV, each row in a table is one Catmandu item
  • RDF - for linked data formats such as RDF/XML, RDF/nTriples, RDF/Turtle each triple is one Catmandu item
  • SPARQL - for a result set of a SPARQL or LDF query, every result (with the variable bindings) is one Catmandu item
  • MongoDB,ElasticSearch,Solr,DBI - for databases every record in the database is one Catmandu item

To transform items with the Fix language one points to the fields in items with a JSONPath expression (Catmandu uses an extension of JSONPath actually). The fixes provided to a catmandu command operate on all individual items.

For instance, the command below will upcase the publisher field for every item (row) in the data.xls file:

$ catmandu convert XLS --fix 'upcase(publisher)' < data.xls

This command will select only the JSON items that contain 'Tsjechov' in a nested authors field:

$ catmandu convert XLS --fix 'select any_match(authors.*,"Tsjechov.*")' < data.json

This command will delete all the uppercase A characters from a Text file:

$ catmandu convert Text to Text --fix 'replace_all(A,"")' < data.txt

To see the internal representation of a MARC file in Catmandu, transform it for instance to YAML

$ catmandu convert MARC to YAML < data.mrc

One will see that a MARC record is treated as an array of arrays for each item.