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Store are Catmandu packages to store Catmandu Items in a database. These databases need to be installed separately from Catmandu. Special database such as MongoDB, ElasticSearch and CouchDB can work out-of-the-box with hardly any configuration. For other databases such as Solr, MySQL, Postgres and Oracle extra configuration steps are needed to define the database schemas.

Catmandu stores such as MongoDB, ElasticSearch and CouchDB can accept any type of input. They are perfect tools to store the output of data conversions.

Without defining any database schema, JSON, YAML , MARC, Excel, CSV, OAI-PMH or any other Catmandu supported format can be stored.

$ catmandu import JSON to MongoDB --database_name test < data.json
$ catmandu import YAML to MongoDB --database_name test < data.yml
$ catmandu import MARC to MongoDB --database_name test < data.mrc
$ catmandu import XLS to MongoDB --database_name test  < data.xls

Many Catmandu stores can be queried with their native query language:

$ catmandu export MongoDB --database_name test --query '{"my.deep.field":"abc"}'

To delete data from a store the delete command can be used.

# Delete everything
$ catmandu delete MongoDB --database_name test  
# Delete record with _id = 1234 and _id = 1235
$ catmandu delete MongoDB --database_name test --id 1234 --id 1235

Use the count command to show the size of a database.

$ catmandu count MongoDB --database_name test  

One important use-case for Catmandu is indexation of data in search engines such as Solr. To do this, Solr needs to be configured for the fields you want to make searchable. Your data collection can be indexed in the Solr engine by mapping the fields in your data to the fields available in Solr.

$ catmandu import MARC to Solr --fix marc2solr.fix < data.mrc

where marc2solr.fix is a Fix script containing all the fixes required to transform your input data in the Solr format:

# marc2solr.fix

In reality the Fix script will contain many mappings and data transformations to clean data. See Example Fix Script for a long example of such a data cleaning in action.