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LibreCat - an institutional repository

LibreCat is a new institutional repository system developed by LibreCat Group which has as its key features:

  • institutional repository
  • publication list manager for reseachers
  • institutional research data archive.

The development started in 2013 in Bielefeld and was made available on GitHub from the start. Since 2015 the code is in production at Bielefeld. In 2016 Ghent University started using the cataloging backend in production.


  • Cataloging of many record types: Book, Book (Editor), Book Chapter, Book Review, Conference Abstract, Conference (Editor), Conference Paper, Dissertation, Encyclopedia Article, Journal Article, Special Issue, Newspaper Article, Preprint, Report, Translation, Translation (Section), Working Paper, Thesis, Research Data, Project, Award, Research Group
  • Drag and drop upload of full-text publications
  • Copycat from DOI, PubMED, ArXiv and Web of Science
  • Google Scholar indexation support
  • Citation styles configurable from Zotero Style Repository
  • Full MathJAX Latex support to add mathematical formulas in abstracts and titles
  • Pluggable authentication modules
  • Delegate input and management to user others
  • Multilingual support
  • ElasticSearch indexing
  • Pluggable file store backend
  • Command line support using 'Catmandu'
  • OAI-PMH and SRU
  • REST / content negotiation
  • The LibreCat is open source and shipped with the same license as the Perl language:


See our Wiki at: