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GNU LibreDWG NEWS -- history of user-visible changes. -*-indented-text-*-
Copyright (C) 2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end for copying conditions.
LibreDWG version 0.9.2 - released 2019/11/08 - beta:
new API:
* Added the -x,--extnames option to dwglayers for r13-r14 DWGs,
displaying the extended variants with spaces. Since r2000 only
those "extended" names are stored. (#167)
Minor bugfixes:
* Fixed some leaks: SORTENTSTABLE, PROXY_ENTITY.ownerhandle for r13.
* Add DICTIONARY.itemhandles[] for r13 and r14
* Fixed some dwglayers null pointer derefs, and flush its output
for each layer. (#166)
Other newsworthy changes:
* Add geom utils to some programs: dwg2SVG and dwg2ps to transcode
points via its OCS (i.e. extrusion vector)
* Add basic POLYLINE_2D and LWPOLYLINE support to dwg2SVG. no arcs (bulges),
no other curve_types (spline, bezier), no widths.
LibreDWG version 0.9.1 - released 2019/10/28 - beta:
Minor bugfixes:
* Fixed bit_read_4BITS, off-by-one for the first bit.
* Fixed more null pointer dereferences, overflows, hangs and memory leaks
for fuzzed (i.e. illegal) dwg's.
* Fixed some more compiler warnings.
* Workaround stricter CPU's with ALIGNED_ACCESS_REQUIRED.
* Add -fstack-protector for newer mingw, to link -lssp, which is now mandatory
for _FORTIFY_SOURCE (a mingw-w64 libc headers bug).
* Do not use gcc-9.0 - gcc-9.2! This series is seriously broken, not
just for this project.
* dwg2SVG: honor TTF font styles => Verdana or Courier (#156)
LibreDWG version 0.9 - released 2019/10/6 - beta:
new API:
* Added the dxf importer, using the new dynapi and the r2000 encoder.
Status: experimental. Only for r2000 dxf's yet.
* Added utf8text conversion functions to the dynapi:
dwg_dynapi_header_utf8text, dwg_dynapi_entity_utf8text,
dwg_dynapi_common_utf8text converting unicode strings to UTF-8.
And it's higher level variants: dwg_{g,s}et_HEADER_utf8text,
* Added the missing dwg_dynapi_common_set_value.
* Added dwg_dynapi_handle_name helper.
* Added to unstable objects: TABLESTYLE, TABLE.
TABLE r2018+ now includes TABLECONTENT.
* Added SummaryInfo section.
* Added 3DSOLID encoder.
* Added API's to find handles for names, searching in tables and dicts.
* Added TIMERLL type. raw, unencoded 2xRL julian date, for SummaryInfo.
* Added signed d variants to some types: BLd, BSd, RLd, ...
and x formatters: RLx.
* Added reverse dxf_revcvt_lweight().
API breaking changes:
* Added an is_utf8 arg to the dynapi setters:
dwg_dynapi_header_set_value, dwg_dynapi_entity_set_value,
dwg_dynapi_common_set_value, converting UTF-8 strings to TV or TU.
* Generalize object handles:
* Rename common field ownerhandle, esp. not NAME_control 330.
* Remove various null_handle fields.
* Rename LTYPE.null_handle to LTYPE.extref_handle
* Add SORTENTSTABLE.dict_handle (previous called ownerhandle,
it IS the ownerhandle. ok, there we do have both, the parenthandle
and the ownerhandle)
* Remove xrecord,proxy get_ownerhandle API
* Move ownerhandle to parent Object_Object along reactors and xdicobjhandle.
This field is common to all objects. (#118)
* Remove unneeded ownerhandle fields.
* Renamed STYLE.null_handle to STYLE.extref_handle
* Changed DIMASSOC spec
* Minor POLYLINE/VERTEX field fixups for DXF. add COMMON_ENTITY_POLYLINE.has_vertex 66,
add VERTEX_PFACE_FACE.flag 70.
* Renamed two LAYOUT fields: pspace_block_record => block_header,
last_viewport => active_viewport.
* Renamed all linetype* fields to ltype.
* Removed IMAGE/WIPEOUT boundary_pt{0,1} fields. Use clip_verts[0,1] instead.
Important bugfixes:
* Fixed all remaining null pointer dereferences and memory leaks. We added
a smoke with asan, ubsan and lsan. Only the dxf importer is leaking.
* Fixed dwg_dynapi_common_*
* Fixed get_next_owned_entity, which omitted the last entity for r13-r2000.
* Fixed the UCS-2 to utf-8 converter, causing corrupt DXF with unicode names
and strings. (#143)
* Fixed wrong object address (#112). handlestream_size is not part of obj->size.
This fixes the hdlpos += 8 FIXME's and many handles.
* Fixed FIELDLIST standard handles (#118)
* Fixed FIELD.childs and objects (#117)
* Fixed MLINESTYLE.ltype handles (#116)
* Fixed MULTILEADER content_block (#113)
* Added many missing handles 2007+ (#115)
Due to the fixed handle_stream offset, we can now reliably read many
more handles (#114):
* Fixed OLE2FRAME encoder.
* Fixed EED code 5 as int64 (#110)
* More stable eed decoder with overflow, e.g. when dat does not advance error earlier.
Avoid endless loops on eed decoding errors.
* Various minor improvements in the dxf writer. (#143)
* Major improvements in the dxf reader. Most r2000 entities and many objects
can be imported, and read from acad dwg's.
* Various minor improvements in the dwg writer, esp. calculating the object
size and bitsize. fixed bit_write_4BITS (for VPORT.VIEWMODE)
* Protect all sizes from VALUEOUTOFBOUNDS with sensical values.
(i.e. new size restrictions)
Other newsworthy changes:
* Restricted the three dat, hdl_dat and str_dat streams in its size and
offset to the current object to detect every overflow. And report this
* Read COMMON_ENTITY_HANDLE_DATA earlier, so that we can remove extra 2nd
handle loops at the end for r2007+ (#85)
* Support reading uncompressed sections (e.g SummaryInfo)
* Added -y/--overwrite flag to most programs.
* Better LOG_TRACE [rcount1], [rcount2] logging, expanded to the actual
* Removed the dejagnu based test/testcases, merged with proper
* With the new dxf importer, a lot of logic had to be added for missing fields,
calculating them, adding defaults, and support dxfname aliases.
* Harmonized internal REPEAT macro names.
* Added decode code to recover from invalid HANDLES handleoff UMC or offset MC.
LibreDWG version 0.8 - released 2019/6/25 - still alpha:
new API:
* added a new dynamic API, read and write all header and object fields
by name. Many of the old dwg_api.h field accessors are deprecated.
* add calculated DIMENSION.flag from flag1 and flag2
* add BITCODE_UMC type for Object-map section_handles
* add reverse dwg_find_objectref lookup: linear search, only done for
entities with subentities to find the ref for the current object.
* added to stable: UNDERLAY entities, UNDERLAYDEFINITION, CAMERA objects
API breaking changes:
* rename get_first_owned_object to get_first_owned_entity,
get_next_owned_object to get_next_owned_entity.
* Changed these iterators in handling subentites (VERTEX, ATTRIB),
these are now skipped.
* rename <TABLE>.entry_name to name (#76)
* rename VPORT.shade_plot_handle back to sun_handle, dxf 361
* rename POLYLINE_3D.flag2 to curvetype, dxf 75.
* rename linewidth fields to linewt (#79)
* rename DIMENSION_ORDINATE.ucsorigin_pt to
* rename parenthandle fields to ownerhandle (#80)
* rename ent->parent to ent->ownerhandle (#82)
* replace ENTITY.subentity by ownerhandle 330
* rename _ent->entity_mode to entmode (as in ODA)
Important bugfixes:
* dwg.h now always includes stdint.h and inttypes.h, no more
int vs int32_t confusion
* Fixed many errors in DXF output:
* split BLOCKS and ENTITIES (#88)
esp. in respect to Paper_Space (#81) and Model_Space entities.
* DICTIONARY: fix hard_owner DXF 350/360.
* Fix xdata dxf groups: +1000 or XRECORD.
* Fix block names (#81), take it from its linked BLOCK entity
* Fix DIMENSION blocknames, ditto (#81).
* Fix c-quote of strings with different quoting rules than json.
* Fix _3DSOLID,_3DFACE dxfname and 3DSOLID, BODY subclass names
* Add missing DIMSTYLE 3 handle
* Support DXF elevation and extrusion as pt,
* Add dxf.test to be shell compatible
* convert CELWEIGHT and linewt values (#79)
* Support proper 330 ent->parent->handle (#82) which is not always the
MSPACE record.
* fix colors a bit
* print HANDSEED as hex (#71)
* Fixed JSON output, add tests with jq. just not yet via pipes (NOCOMMA hack).
make HEADER a hash, better ARRAY, POINTS, VECTORs, c-quote strings.
Resemble more to the DWG structure, not DXF: Rename ENTITIES to OBJECTS,
TODO: FILEHEADER sections (#76)
* Validate decoded and sort DXF output of entities with subentities
(POLYLINE, INSERT) (#83). In DWG they have different orderings,
fixup some off-by-one decoding errors (e.g. wrong handle stream offset).
* Fixed HATCH gradientfill color (#89)
* decode: set proper ->dxfname from, Fixes ACDBDICTIONARYWDFLT
DXF object and simplifies out_dxf.
* Fix some CRC checks: RSx vs RS_LE, add unused crc64 code.
* More overflow and free protections added by Denis Pruchkovsky
* Extend read/write bit_MC/UMC from 4 to 5 bytes (denis #70, PR #65)
This is broken in all other dwg libraries.
* Fix bit_convert_TU for >U+800 (#80)
* Fixed more memory leaks (denis and rurban)
* Fixed some double-free's and oob errors in EED (#99, #104)
Other newsworthy changes:
* add --disable-bindings configure switch (#86)
* add more codepages to dxf: ANSI_1253, ANSI_1254, ANSI_936, ANSI_949
* add cirrus FreeBSD smoker
* rename dxf_example.{lsp,sh} to dxf-allcvt.*
* add, via TeighaFileConverter
LibreDWG version 0.7 - released 2018/12/6 - still alpha:
new API:
* add dwg_get_OBJECT(dwg) API for all objects in a DWG.
analog to dwg_get_ENTITY, but including all objects, tables,
block headers, even if unowned.
Note that the dwg_api will be revamped from static to dynamic before 1.0.
field accessors will be by name argument and ... (va_args)
See the work/dynapi branch #59 (in progress).
dwg_get_OBJECT(dwg) will be renamed to dwg_getall_OBJECT(dwg),
dwg_get_ENTITY(blkhdr) to dwg_getall_ENTITY(blkhdr).
API breaking changes:
* Changed BITCODE_RC from signed to unsigned char (#44)
* LEADER changes: rename hooklineonxdir to hookline_dir,
rename unknown_bit_4 to hookline_on,
endptproj only until r2007. (but still not 100% correct)
* MULTILEADER changes: rename num_vertex to numpts (analog to LEADER),
change vertex to points[] (PR #49 Denis Pryt)
* Fixed dwg_get_ENTITY(hdr): NULL-terminate the result (#60)
Important bugfixes:
* Fixed all memory leaks and double-free's (#43, #42, PR #58 Denis Pryt)
* Fixed EED sizes (PR #48, Denis Pryt)
* Fixed BLOCK_HEADER.num_inserts, esp. with xref's (#44).
For decode and encode.
* Fixed LTYPE.dash (#44)
* Fixup LEADER DXF values and path_type with annot_type mixup.
* Fixed TABLE.value.data_type with flags kGeneral (#54 Denis Pryt)
* Fixes VECTOR_CHKCOUNT segfault on unassigned obj->dxfname's
(esp. for <=R12), and fix overflows (#56)
* dwglayers: fix for DICTIONARY breaking the list output (#51)
* dxf: fix dxf_blocks_write for empty paper_space (#52)
* Fixed example/ allowing non-critical error codes
Other newsworthy changes:
* Check for RUNNING_ON_VALGRIND and call dwg_free then, even
if previously skipped.
* Renamed all remaining API "null malloc" error messages to
"Out of memory"
* Harmonized in_dxfb with in_dxf, but still WIP
LibreDWG version 0.6.2 - released 2018/11/07 - still alpha:
Important bugfixes:
* Fixed several out_dxf segfaults (#39)
* Enhanced the section size limit from 2032 to 2040.
There were several DWG files with a section size of 2035
in the wild. (PR #41, Denis Pryt)
* Fixed EED realloc on decoding when end - dat->byte == 1
(PR #41, Denis Pryt)
LibreDWG version 0.6.1 - released 2018/11/05 - still alpha:
Important bugfixes:
* fix wrong FIELD_2DD_VECTOR in dwg decode (#40).
LibreDWG version 0.6 - released 2018/08/13 - still alpha:
API breaking changes:
* Removed dwg_obj_proxy_get_reactors(), use dwg_obj_get_reactors() instead.
* Renamed SORTENTSTABLE.owner_handle to SORTENTSTABLE.owner_dict.
* Renamed all -as-rNNNN program options to --as-rNNNN.
Other newsworthy changes:
* Removed all unused type-specific reactors and xdicobjhandle fields,
use the generic object and entity fields instead.
* Added signed BITCODE_RLd and BITCODE_BLd (int32_t) types.
* Added unknown_bits field to all UNSTABLE/DEBUGGING classes.
* Custom CFLAGS are now honored.
* Support for GNU parallel and coreutils timeout logfile and picat processing.
Important bugfixes:
* Fixed previously empty strings for r2007+ for some objects and entities (#34).
* Fixed r2010+ picture size calculation (DXF 160, 310), leading to wrong entity offsets.
* Added more checks for unstable objects: empty handles, controls, overflows, isnan.
* Fixed some common_entity_data, mostly with non-indexed colors and gradient filled HATCH
(#27, #28, #31)
* Fixed some proper relative handles, which were previously treated as NULL handle.
* Fixed writing TV strings, now the length includes the final \0 char.
* Fixed the initial minimal hash size, fixing an endless loop on very small
(truncated) DWG's (<1000 bytes).
* Much less memory leaks.
* Improved free, i.e. no more double free with EED data. (#33)
* Better perl bindings build support on Windows, prefer local dwg.h over
installed dwg.h on testing (#29).
* Fixed dejagnu compilation on C11 by using -fgnu89-inline (#2)
New features:
* Added unstable support for the objects ASSOCDEPENDENCY, ASSOCPLANESURFACEACTIONBODY,
* Added getopt_long() support to all programs, position independent options.
* Implemented examples/unknown to find field layouts of unknown objects.
With bd and bits helpers to decode unknowns.
Now with a helper. See also HACKING and savannah News.
* Implemented parsing ACIS version 2 to the binary SAB format.
* Added all missing dwg_object_to_OBJECT() functions for objects.
* Added dwg_ent_minsert_set_num_cols(), dwg_ent_minsert_set_num_rows()
* Added --disable-dxf, --enable--debug configure options. With debug there are many
more unstable objects available.
* Added libredwg.pc (#30)
* Added valgrind supressions for known darwin/glibc leaks.
* Changed and clarified the semver version numbering on development checkouts with
major.minor[.patch[.build.nonmastercommits-gittag]]. See HACKING.
LibreDWG version 0.5 - released 2018/07/05:
This is the first public release ever, after several years of silence.
It can read most r13-r2018 DWG files, and write r2000 DWG,
write DXF and GeoJSON files for all versions.
There are also many new programs: dwgread, dwgwrite, dwgrewrite,
dwg2dxf, dwglayers, dwggrep, dwgbmp, dwg2SVG (very basic), dwg2ps (infancy).
See the manual, ChangeLog or git history for details.
The API is usable but still pretty rough, we might still rename
some functions or names for better consistency and add more encoding API.
Copyright information:
Copyright (C) 2009-2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This library is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU
General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation,
either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
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