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LibreOffice Eclipse plugin for extension development
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This plugin helps with developing and debugging LibreOffice extensions/components from Eclipse.

Please visit the for installation instructions and user documentation.

Only read further if you want to work on LOEclipse itself.



  • Ubuntu: Install libreoffice,libreoffice-dev and libreoffice-java-common.
  • Windows: Install LibreOffice and the LibreOffice SDK from
  • macOS: No support for macOS currently (see bug #54)

Setup Eclipse for development

  1. Install Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers. The Eclipse IDE for Java Developers will not work.
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Import the three projects build, core and java (using File->Import->General->Existing projects into workspace)
  4. Add the LibreOffice jars to the build path
    • Go to Window->Preferences in Eclipse and open the Java->Build path->User Libraries configuration page.
    • Add a new library named LO-Classes
    • Select the Library, click Add External Jars
    • Add the LibreOffice jars unoil.jar juh.jar jurt.jar ridl.jar unoloader.jar. You find them here:
      • macOS: /Applications/
      • Ubuntu: /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/classes
      • Windows: C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\LibreOffice 5\program\classes\
    • Now there should be no more project errors.
  5. Go to Run->Run Configurations, and create a new run configuration of the type Eclipse Application. Now you can run or debug the LOEclipse plugin using this run configuration.

Getting help

Join #libreoffice-dev on freenode to get in touch with LibreOffice and LOEclipse developers.

You can also write to the LibreOffice development mailing list if you have trouble working on this project.

Release Management

After releasing a new version, we need to build the update site. To do that, run the following command in the build folder:

ant -Dlibreoffice.home=... -Declipse.home=...

where libreoffice.home is the path to the LibreOffice installation and eclipse.home the path to the eclipse installation (needs to contain a plugins and a features directory).

You can also persist the options by setting the ANT_ARGS variable to

-Dlibreoffice.home=... -Declipse.home=....

Available build targets

Run ant help to see the available build targets.

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