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Here is a list of features which are requested to implement some time. As soon as we consider to start implementing one of them, we will create an issue for it. If there is already such an issue (which was closed), we will just re-open it.


  • Add SPICE netlist export
  • Reverse engineering mode (from PCB to schematic)
  • Add a property editor to all editors, something like QtPropertyBrowser or QtnProperty
  • Allow adding SystemC code to components and provide an export of the whole schematic as SystemC code (request).
  • Multi-PCB Projects (e.g. to create mixed PCB panels)


  • Add support for 3D models of packages
  • Add support for SPICE models of components and devices


  • Add generic output generator (PDF/BOM/Gerber/... export via output jobs)

Schematic Editor

  • Add support for hierarchical sheets
  • Add support for buses
  • Indicate color of LEDs in the color of the symbol

Board Editor

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