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LibrePCB Translation Files

This repository is included in LibrePCB as a Git submodule and contains the translation files for the LibrePCB application in various languages.

The content of this repository is automatically updated periodically with the latest translations from Transifex.

This repository is a read-only copy of the translations stored at Transifex! Changes made in this repository will be lost, so we have to reject pull requests. If you want to add translations, please use Transifex.

The branches master and release/* contain the translations for the corresponding branches of the LibrePCB source repository.

On the master branch of the LibrePCB source repository, the submodule points to a commit which does not contain any translations (because they change very often, we would have to constantly update the submodule otherwise). If you still want to compile LibrePCB with translations, you can download the translations with following commands in this submodule:

git checkout master
git pull origin master