Compilation requirements

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  • Git - Version Control System

    Needed to clone source code repository

  • Maven 3 - Java software project management and comprehension tool

    Needed to build and compile the project

  • JDK 8 - Java Development Kit

    Project depends on Java 8 and JDK is needed in order to compile it. JDK version also depends on branch you are working on. Branches 1.4 and 1.5 require JDK 7.

  • PostgreSQL - Object-relational SQL database

    Database server

  • MySQL - Relational SQL database

    Alternative database server

  • Python Docutils - Utilities for the documentation of Python modules

    Used to generate HTMLs help files from RST files (reStructuredText)

  • Make - An utility for Directing compilation

    Needed to compile the help

  • gettext - GNU Internationalization utilities

    Used for i18n support in the project

  • CutyCapt - Utility to capture WebKit's rendering of a web page

    Required for printing

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