DIY 3D Scanner models
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In this repository you will find the source files for the bq Ciclop 3D scanner [es]. Also in thingiverse. If you are missing something, please do not hesitate to file an issue on github.

Ciclop may be controlled by Horus software. You can find here the firmware and the desktop application.


Ciclop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Please read the LICENSE file for more details.

Directory structure

  • step: The original Ciclop step files. This folder is frozen. Find the latest version in the freecad folder

  • stl: Ciclop STL files. It also contains parts with support for 3D printing

  • dxf: Ciclop DXF files. It contains all methacrylate pieces cutted with laser

  • svg: Ciclop SVG files. This folder contains all drawings for 2D printing

  • freecad: Ciclop source files in FreeCAD. This is a work in progress. All the original files are being migrated to Freecad (see below)

  • Ciclop-BOM.ods: Ciclop Bill of Materials. Document for LibreOffice

Please note: The original Ciclop design was made in Autodesk Inventor(tm) which is proprietary software. Since we love open formats we are migrating the Ciclop parts to FreeCAD, which is a multiplatform open source CAD software. We invite people from the community to join us and help us to complete the task.