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What to do after LibreSignal was abandoned?

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Migrate to the official Signal Android client

How you will do that depends on from where you installed LibreSignal.

From LibreSignal from the Eutopia experimental repo

  1. Install Oandbackup (You can get it from F-Droid)
  2. Backup LibreSignal with Oandbackup
  3. Uninstall LibreSignal
  4. Install Signal
  5. Restore app data with Oandbackup
  6. Launch Signal and register it. It will say it will create keys but don't worry your keys and sessions won't change. It's actually just registering with GCM because LS didn't register with GCM.

What to do if Oandbackup doesn't work on CM13?

To fix Oandbackup you need to go to settings --> busybox and enter: /system/bin/toybox

From LibreSignal from the F-Droid archive repo


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