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Building DC Energy Systems

This repository hosts an Open Educational Resource (OER) for Building DC Energy Systems, built with VuePress.

You can contribute to the OER by cloning the repository to your private GitHub workspace and sending pull-requests with upates you made.

For local deployment install VuePress v1 and run yarn docs:dev in the root directory of this repository. Afterwards, you can see the result in your favourite web browser at http://localhost:8080.

Style Guide

Git usage

  • Better make several small atomic commits than a single big one
  • Use meaningful commit messages. Tell what was changed and not that something was changed. "Solar panel: Electrical characteristics graph added" is much better than "Updates".


  • The target audience of the OER has basic knowledge of electricity as taught at schools. The text should focus on topics relevant for understanding how to design and use a DC energy system. Detailed knowledge of physical prinicples is not within the scope of this OER.
  • Headings should be short and precise, not an entire sentence.
  • All content must be original. As the OER is published under CC-BY-SA license, it's not allowed to reuse any content from external sources unless it is published as public domain or a compatible CC license. Make sure to include correct references for attribution, if necessary.
  • Emphasize important words with bold or italic type, but not both.
  • Figures are numbered starting with 1 in each markdown file. Take a look at existing chapters for correct format.
  • References to other documents (e.g. scientific papers) should be listed at the bottom of each chapter indicated with a number within the text.


  • Graph border width should be 2px


Only the following colors should be used:

Dark blue (Libre Solar logo color) for headers and highlighting

#005e85 #005e85 / rgb(0, 94, 133)

Light blue

#5c9aaf #5c9aaf / rgb(92, 154, 175)

Yellow as contrast to blue colors

#fbbe59 #fbbe59 / rgb(251, 190, 89)

Dark grey

#262626 #262626 / rgb(38, 38, 38)

Medium grey

#6b6b6b #6b6b6b / rgb(107, 107, 107)

Light grey

#d3d5cc #d3d5cc / rgb(211, 213, 204)


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