Tuners Manual

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Getting started

After launching LibreTuner, you will be prompted with a setup dialog. This is where you will select the platform and data link to use for this session. You can get back to the dialog at a later time from the bottom right toolbar. Be sure to install any drivers and connect your PassThru device before launching LibreTuner. If no data link is selected, diagnostics, datalogging, downloading, and reprogramming will be unavailable. You will, however, be able to modify and create tunes from existing ROMS and analyze previous datalogs.


With a data link selected, you are ready to download a ROM. Start by opening the downloader from File > Download ROM. This will prompt for a platform, name, and id. id is used as an internal identifier and cannot be shared between multiple ROMs unlike the name.

Before proceeding to the next step, be sure your computer is connected to the OBD-II port and the key is turned to ON.

After filling the form, select Download to start downloading. If a connection is established, a new dialog will open showing the current progress. On completion, the ROM will be saved and you can proceed to creating a new tune. If the firmware version is unsupported, a new dialog will open asking to save the ROM to another file. Please continue by saving the ROM and send it to the LibreTuner team for analysis so we can add support for the model. You can email it to support@libretuner.org, create a new issue, or contact the developers on the Discord server.

Creating a tune

After successfully downloading a ROM, you are ready to create a new tune. Start by opening the tune creation dialog from File > New Tune. After filling in the form and pressing Create, the tune can be opened from File > Open Tune. The Tables menu will become populated and selecting a table will populate the Editor, Graph, and Sidebar menus. If you find any issues please submit them here. Instructions for creating specific tunes are out of the scope of this manual and another resource should be consulted. You may have luck finding a guide on your platform's forum.


After a custom tune has been created, the engine control module can be reprogrammed. The perquisites for programming are the same as downloading: connect the computer to the OBD-II port with your PassThru cable or other device and turn the key to ON. Be sure your car's battery is charged and supplying sufficient voltage to the ECU. Start by navigating to File > Flash Current Tune.


Diagnostics requires the key to be turned to ON. Scan for diagnostic trouble codes by pressing Scan for diagnostic codes in the Diagnostics menu.



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