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Welcome to the Revive wiki!

Here you can find a community-compiled compatibility list, feel free to add your own results.

For installation instructions, please refer to the ReadMe file.

You can also refer to a troubleshooting list for the most common questions.

We also have a discord server:

Running games

Make sure you have SteamVR running before following these instructions. Revive will not be active and Oculus Games will not be available in your Steam Library when SteamVR isn't running.

Oculus Home games

These games will be automatically detected and can be started from either Steam, Viveport or the Revive Dashboard.

Standalone games

For games that haven't been downloaded from Oculus Home you can right-click the Revive tray icon on your desktop (bottom-right area of you taskbar) and select Inject.... This will open a file dialog that allows you to navigate to the main executable of the game you want to play.

After selecting the main executable the game will be injected into and show up on your headset.

Steam games

Launching Steam games with Revive is not supported very well, always prefer buying from the Oculus Store if you plan to use Revive.

Oculus games that are distributed through Steam can't be injected into. For these games you need to copy the DLL files from C:\Program Files\Revive\Revive\x64 (or C:\Program Files\Revive\Revive\x86 for Dirt Rally) to the game folder next to the main game executable.


Xbox Controller

Some games are designed around the Xbox controller and will not function without an XInput-compatible controller. The controls are self-explanatory.

Touch Controllers

Your Vive controllers will be used to emulate the Oculus Touch. The mapping is designed to be as intuitive as possible, if you want to learn how to use it you can launch the Oculus Touch Basics tutorial from the dashboard.

Here's an illustration of the mapping to guide the tutorial:

Vive Controller Mapping

The Trigger, Grip and Menu button are mapped normally on the Vive controller.

Oculus Remote

Some games have support for the Oculus Remote instead of the Oculus Touch. If so, you can turn off one of your Vive controllers and use the remaining one as the Oculus Remote. The remote maps the touchpad as a DPad with an Enter button in the middle, just like the Oculus Remote. The Application Menu serves as the Back button.

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