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This is a community-compiled compatibility list, not an official list of supported games. Your mileage may vary.

Note that Revive may be compatible with more titles than the ones listed here. Feel free to edit this page and add your own results.

Oculus Home

Some games may not start due to the dashboard not properly detecting their location. If a game doesn’t start try following the instructions for Standalone Games instead.

Newly installed games will give you an `Entitlement check failed` error until you reboot the Oculus service, quickest way to do that is through Oculus Home `Settings > Beta > Restart Oculus`.

Name Status Remarks Price Touch
2KVR Experience Untested $14.99 Yes
ADR1FT Partially working HTC Vive version available on Steam Store €19.99
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games Working €4.99
AltspaceVR Working Injector x64 works (though a Vive version is available) Free
AirMech: Command Working €39.99
Anshar Wars 2 Working AU$14.99
Bazaar Untested HTC Vive Version Available on Steam Store €4.99
BlazeRush Working €9.99
Boursin Sensorium Virtual Reality Experience Working ?
Bullet Train Works works with 1.01 release Free Yes
Channel Island Suite Working Free
Chronos Working Since a June 2016 update to Chronos, Nvidia Surround users must disable Surround or else launching Chronos will crash the Nvidia driver and cause the PC to reboot €49.99
Damaged Core Working $29.99
Darknet Working €9.99
Dead and Buried Working $39.99 Yes
Dead Secret Available in steam €14.99
Dear Angelica Working Free
Defense Grid 2 Partially working Freezes at random instances €29.99
Dragon Front Partially working Launches but Matchmaking not working
Dreadhalls Working €9.99
Eagle Flight Working Available in steam $39.99
Edge of Nowhere Working Has a flickering problem on some objects, see issue #138 €39.99
Enigma Sphere Untested $19.99 Yes
Esper 2 Working €9.99
EVE: Valkyrie Working Now available on steam €59.99
Farlands Working Free
Feral Rites Working €29.99
First Contact Working The demo/tutorial for Touch) Free Yes
Fly to Kuma Working €14.99
G2A Land Working $9.99
Henry Working Free
Herobound Working €9.99
Hitman GO: VR Edition Working €9.99
I expect you to die Playable $24.99 Yes
Invasion! Working Free
Introduction to Virtual Reality Working Free
iOMoon Working works with the Steam version - use patch, not injector. €14.99
Jaunt VR Untested HTC Vive Version Available on Steam Store Free
Lost Working Free
Lucky’s Tale Working Free
Medium Working $29.99 Yes
Minecraft VR Unplayable Crashes shortly after showing the 360-degree environment Free
Mount Wingsuit Working $20 Yes
Ocean Rift Working €9.99
Oculus 360 Photos Unplayable Free
Oculus Avatars Working Free Yes
Oculus Dreamdeck Working Free
Oculus Touch Basics Working Free Yes
Oculus Video Unplayable Free
Please Don’t Touch Anything Working €14.99
P.O.L.L.E.N. Unplayable Rendering bug in right eye, issue #21
Pinball FX2 VR Working New tables cannot be purchased in game €14.99
Pool Nation FX Lite Partially working Scale too small, automatic camera changes: does not play well.
Pro Fishing Challenge VR Working Free Yes
Proton Pulse Plus Untested HTC Vive Version Available on Steam Store €9.99
Quill beta Working $29.99 Yes
Radial-G Racing Revolved Untested HTC Vive Version Available on Steam Store €24.99
Ripcoil Working $9.99 Yes
Showdown Working Free
Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe Working €9.99
Smashing the Battle Working €19.99
Superhot VR Working $24.99 Yes
SwingStar Untested €4.99
Technolust Working €19.99
The Body VR Working HTC Vive Version Available on Steam Store Free
The Climb Working €49.99 Yes
The Foo Show - Featuring Will Smith Untested HTC Vive Version Available on Steam Store Free
The Rose and I Working Though an HTC Vive version is available on Steam Free
The Unspoken Working $29.99 Yes
Toybox Partially Working Issues successfully grabbing objects ? Free Yes
Viral Ex Working $9.99 Yes
VR Karts Working HTC Vive Version Available on Steam Store €14.99
VR Sports Challenge Working $29.99 Yes
VR Tennis Online Working €24.99
vTime Working Free
VRIDEO Working HTC Vive Version Available on Steam Store Free
Woofbert VR Working Free
Xbox Streaming App Not Working Free
ZR Zombie Riot Working $19.99 Yes

Steam games

Name Status Remarks
ADR1FT Partially working works with the Steam version - use patch, not injector.
Assetto Corsa Working Follow the RevivePatch instructions.
Dirt Rally Working Follow the patching instructions.
Discovering Space 2 Working Follow the patching instructions
Obduction Working SteamVR Beta (Async Reprojection) and Revive 1.0 Preview Follow the patching instructions and add -vr launch option to Steam game properties.
Subnautica Untested Has native OpenVR support.

Standalone games

Name Status Remarks
Ark: Survival Evolved Partially Working Use Revive injector on ShooterGame.exe. Activate HMD in options. Crashes occassionally
Blocks_Leap Motion Working Use Revive injector in oculus 1.3 build folder on “Blocks.exe” executable
I Expect You to Die Partially Working Use Revive AND follow directions here to update game. This procedure replaces the OVR plugin in the data folder. After launching, look at first button dead center and place mouse cursor in same spot before clicking (mouse/gaze sync may need this occasional alignment).
Nanai Working
NewRetroArcade-4.0.0 Unplayable Has broken OpenVR support, doesn’t use the Oculus SDK when SteamVR is running. Working for some people if Vive is changed to developer preset “Standing Scale.”
Red Bull Air Race The Game NOT Working Oculus Rift DK2 games are not supported.
Visir 0.9 Working
War Thunder Working Now Compatible with the HTC Vive - please follow these instructions