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I'm getting an "Entitlement Error" or "Oculus Rift Not Found"

Newly installed games will give you an Entitlement check failed or Oculus Rift not found error until you reboot the Oculus service.

The quickest way to do that is through Oculus Home by going to Settings > Beta > Restart Oculus. If it still fails, try rebooting your computer.

I still can't get any of the Oculus Games to launch on my headset

If you are using a virus scanner other than Windows Defender, then your virus scanner may be blocking Revive from injecting its code into the game you're trying to launch. Revive has only been tested with Windows Defender and there are plenty of reasons to use it in favor of other virus scanners.

My position in the game is incorrect

When you put on the headset you can re-center your position by opening the dashboard, going to Settings and clicking "Reset Seated Position". Many Oculus games also provide in-game button bindings to recenter your position.

I can't skip the first-time setup in Oculus Home

You should press Skip at the third step of the first-time setup. If you don't you might get stuck in the setup.

To reset Oculus Home so you can skip the first-time setup follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall Oculus Home.
  2. Delete the %APPDATA%\Oculus folder.
  3. Reinstall Oculus Home.

Where can I find the Revive Dashboard?

By putting on the headset and pressing the system button on the Vive controller. You should have multiple tab icons at the bottom, one of those will be the Revive dashboard.

If the Revive dashboard icon is missing, go to the start menu on your desktop and look for the Revive Dashboard application. If you still can't get it to work go to the SteamVR Settings in your status monitor and in the Applications tab make sure the Revive Dashboard is checked.

Clicking the game in the Revive Dashboard doesn't do anything

Some games may not start due to the dashboard not properly detecting their location. If a game doesn't start try following the instructions for Standalone Games instead.

The Revive Dashboard is empty

No games were detected, you need to install games from Oculus Home. If this issue persists, you should try reinstalling Oculus Home.

How can I use my Vive controllers as an Oculus Touch or Oculus Remote?

This is automatically detected based on the amount of Vive controllers connected. If you have two Vive controllers connected they will function as Oculus Touch controllers. If you have only one controller connected it will function as an Oculus Remote.

You can turn controllers off by keeping the system button on the controller pressed, which should show a menu that allows you to turn off the controller.

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