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Due to popular demand I've updated RoboRevive for the latest Robo Recall version.

RoboRevive is a mod for Robo Recall that adds native Vive support. It's not as stable as regular Revive, but has a custom input mapping and a performance advantage.

My focus is still on improving Revive so RoboRevive is no longer needed. However as long as the performance of Revive is not on par with RoboRevive I've decided to at least maintain it.


  1. Download and install Robo Recall from the Oculus Store.
  2. Download and install RoboRevive
  3. When the installer asks you if you want to install the mod press "Yes"
  4. Click "Play Now" or start Robo Recall from your Steam Library or through the new desktop shortcut.

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Go to the ReadMe for installation instructions.

  • Corrected controller angles to match the gun grips
  • Removed deadzone on touchpad, you can now teleport without having to swipe the pad
  • Added Hybrid/Toggle grip options using the same settings from Revive
  • Fixed application menu button not activating the menu
  • Added an installer to simplify mod installation

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