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@CallumDev CallumDev released this Jan 26, 2021

I'm finally marking a release as stable after over a year!
This release only contains SDK builds (full tools).


  • Port to .NET Core 3.1 for modern C# and faster VM
  • Reduced memory usage and faster performance (particularly in loading)
  • Win32: add a spew file in Local AppData


  • Game moved to use local server for the simulation
  • New User Interface engine
  • New net transport (supports IPv6 without hacks)
  • Use system text renderers for Rich Text
  • Show infocards on base
  • Beginnings of a navmap implementation
  • Planet Spin
  • Improvements in the ALE renderer
  • Asteroid field improvements


  • Basic implementation of Skeletal Animations
  • Improved MotionPath implementation
  • Implemented pcurve
  • FOV fixed
  • Many small improvements


  • Pad saved UTF to be compatible with other tools
  • Fix Collada spec violations
  • Save CPU by attempting to yield in the main thread
  • Save As
  • Implement a new camera control
  • 3db icon generator: both commodities and ships
  • Many, many bug fixes
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@CallumDev CallumDev released this Aug 3, 2019

What's new?

Building is now supported with Visual Studio 2019 using --vsversion=2019


  • The beginnings of netcode!
  • Loading from newplayer.fl
  • Enough mission scripts + fuses to do the initial FP7 cutscene
  • Infocards are based on system text rendering (DirectWrite or Pango)
  • Ini is less likely to crash (again)
  • New camera closer to Freelancer behaviour
  • Performance increases


  • Hardpointing is now flawless with angles
  • Compound part view toggle
  • New hardpoint preview mesh
  • Hardpoint editing status is now tracked
  • MSAA
  • Infocard browser
  • Sur visualisation
  • Better integration with KDE

System Viewer

  • VSync control
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@CallumDev CallumDev released this Jan 12, 2019

Belated happy new year!

What's new?


  • Better transitioning between game states
  • Shader pre-compilation to reduce stutter
  • Ini support is reworked to reduce loading times + make mods like Discovery able to load
  • Large performance increases in rendering
  • Thn scenes are on their way to working
  • DDS loader fails less
  • Correctly failing when OpenGL 3.2+ is not supported


  • The viewport is no longer mirrored (thanks @Eigos for spotting that)
  • Changing types of CMP parts works better
  • Can preview the cockpit camera node (not entirely accurate yet)
  • thorn2lua command line tool introduced for decompiling Thn bytecode through the engine codebase
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@CallumDev CallumDev released this Dec 18, 2018

This release fixes some architectural issues causing crash windows to not appear, redesigns the launcher, and improves the editor. Notably:

  • Texture import has an option to flip textures vertically
  • The bug causing hardpoints to have incorrect orientation on save is fixed
  • Extra controls have been added to the viewport
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@CallumDev CallumDev released this Dec 14, 2018

This release focuses a lot of cleaning up the core engine code and moving parts out to C/++ libraries. It also includes a user interface for tooling based on dear imgui,

Shiny New Things

  • MIT license for easier integration into your own projects
  • LancerEdit, a cross-platform, modern editor for Freelancer UTF-based files which includes things such as...
  • Collada-based mesh authoring support!
  • System Viewer is now split out into the SystemViewer binary. The Launcher is now a pure engine instance without tooling.
  • Greatly improved performance since 2017.10.
  • Proper support for mipmaps in MIPS and MIPx nodes.
  • Turrets assigned to station loadouts render
  • Ship-mounted weaponry that can be aimed
  • Considerably greater compatibility with THN scenes (still WIP!)

Windows Notes

This release for Windows requires both the 32-bit and 64-bit redistributables for Visual C++ 2012 and 2015. These are not included in the archive. For maximum compatibility please install both x86 and x64 versions

(EDIT: added 2012 for freetype, this will be simplified in future versions)

This release also requires .NET 4.6 which is not included in older versions of windows.
Link: .NET 4.6

This release removes the mostly broken DX9 fallback powered by ANGLE. Now OpenGL 3.3-capable hardware is absolutely required to run.

Linux Notes

Ubuntu/Debian users are best installing Microsoft's official Mono package from their repository for best performance and compatibility.
Link: Mono

Linux users are encouraged to compile their own binaries with the new system based on CMake/cake. This will reduce incompatibilities with the large amount of native code now used.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally hardpoints are flipped inside out after editing in LancerEdit. I've yet to be able to reproduce this, so if you can reproduce it consistently please let me know.
  • macOS support has been removed from the build system entirely. With Apple's deprecation of OpenGL this would require a dedicated maintainer to rewrite the graphics backend.
  • Xwt is crap and broke my Crash Window on windows after I fixed it, so to get crash information you'll have to launch from cmd >:C
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@CallumDev CallumDev released this Oct 5, 2017

New things:

  • Launcher remembers settings now
  • Resolution setting (4:3 recommended for now)
  • Gameplay demo improved significantly (thrusters etc.)
  • Particle system improvements
  • Basic LOD implementation
  • THN Features (Press B in the gameplay demo to access Planet New London)
  • Atmospheres
  • Cool crash window


  • INI parser is a bit more lenient
  • Particle engine less likely to crash horribly
  • Windows N no longer crashes
  • Regression on DXT1 textures fixed

Known Issues:

  • DX9 support is broken

Help Wanted: Maintainer for macOS binaries.

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@CallumDev CallumDev released this Mar 18, 2017

The first proper github release!

This is a proof of concept showing the rendering features currently available. This should also be able to at least start the Discovery mod, though many systems from it will not load. (Try Ga01 for fun)

Known Issues:

  • Some systems crash on load
  • Thn implementation is barebones (and pretty buggy)
  • Most Alchemy effects (e.g. jumpholes) do not work properly
  • Culling
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