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Current News

17 Jan 2013 - Posted by Chong Kai Xiong (descender)

After some discussion, we've decided to merge cxx into master! Despite that the complete C++ conversion of LV core is still some way off, the code is far more stable and robust. It is ready for general use. Please don't mind the somewhat ad hoc mixture of C/C++ code in LV. As core is entirely compiled in C++, you can write C++ without any worries. Do be careful, however, when hacking headers as they serve both C and C++ user code.

5 Jan 2013 - Posted by Chong Kai Xiong (descender)

Libvisual (LV) development is ongoing. Although the new API is in a state of flux, it is much more stable than master. Use it instead of master. We've also recently added the new commandline tool lv-tool to run visualisations. Run lv-tool --help for help on how to run it.

As always, we're constantly in need of user contributions. Regardless of your interest in LV, let us know if you're using LV. We all need love and attention sometimes :) We can be reached directly at #libvisual on FreeNode (Webchat) and on our issue tracker.

If you're a coder, please take a moment to read our Hacking Guide. If you're looking to use LV in your application, don't be afraid of the API changes and use cxx. We aim to provide as much support as we can to keep your code working.

Last but not least, we have a new website design here! Let us know what you think of the look.

Release History

 Libvisual 0.5.0 	due by mid 2014
 Libvisual 0.4.0 	2006-03-20
 Libvisual 0.2.0 	2005-02-08
 Libvisual 0.1.7 	2004-10-14
 Libvisual 0.1.6 	2004-09-08
 Libvisual 0.1.5 	2004-06-28
 Libvisual 0.1.4 	2004-06-16
 Libvisual 0.1.3 	2004-05-27