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erlang based mush server
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This is hamush - I figured that learning earling is a big task so a not trivial program would be nice as a project. Hamush was born, a mush server that is supposed to offer high stability and fault tollerance - yay for Erlang/OTP ;) Other then that I just want to toy around. To be frank I've little hope anyone will ever use this really then again if someone does let me know.


  • Lisp like programming.
  • @repl for playing around.
  • Functions can be defined in erlang or directly entered in the server.
  • Objects and attributes are persistant over restart.
  • Execution of code is tied to the objects and happens in paralell.
  • Objects can 'crash' without harming the Server, they are just restarted.
  • Commands are defined in Erlang and can be loaded during runtime without reboot.
  • Minimal build in commands as of yet (more to come).


  • Improve LISP interpreter.
  • Add channel communication.
  • Add many important commands.
  • Add capability of in game command coding.
  • Tons of other things.
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