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This is highly experimental, use it on your own risk! There is no security applied here at the moment so beware!
CM files are stored in /etc/vms and just included as scripts to read their values.
main commands
kvmadm list - list all VM's
kvmadm show <vm> - gives a detailed info over the VM
kvmadm start <vm> - starts a powered off VM
kvmadm stop <vm> - stops a running VM
kvmadm set <vm> - sets options for a VM
kvmadm new <vm> - creates a new VM
kvmadm activate <vm> - activates the VM
kvmadm deactivate <vm> - activates the VM
set options
cpu <v-cores>
mem <MB>
disk <id> type|file <value>
net <network id> <type|vnic|vlan> <value>
net <network id> <mac> <rand|value>
opts <opt string>
Helpful hints
Create a new virtual interface with this command:
dladm create-vnic -l <interface> <virtual interface>
Create a new disk with this command:
zfs create -V 10g data/vms/<disk name>