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(ns lein-search.core
(:use [ :only (reader writer with-out-writer)])
(:use [clojure.contrib.str-utils :only (chomp str-join)])
(:require [ :as zip])
(:import ( File PushbackReader)
;; TODO: check to see if leiningen.core/home-dir is defined; use it if so.
(def *lein-dir* (str (System/getProperty "user.home") "/.lein"))
(def *line-sep* (str (System/getProperty "line.separator")))
;;; User input functions
(defn good-read-line []
(binding [*in* (-> System/in
(defn prompt-for-input [prompt]
(print prompt)
(chomp (good-read-line)))
(defn yes-or-no-prompt [question]
(condp = (prompt-for-input (str question " (y/n) "))
"y" true
"n" false
(recur question)))
(defn prompt-for-number [prompt]
(try (Integer/parseInt (prompt-for-input prompt))
(catch java.lang.NumberFormatException e nil)))
(defn choose-from-numbered-list-if-multiple
"Return first item immediately if there is only one, otherwise prompt the user
with a numbered list of choices."
[choices prompt formatter]
(if (= 1 (count choices))
(first choices)
(do (println
(str-join *line-sep*
(for [[n i] (map vector (iterate inc 1) choices)]
(str n ": " (formatter i)))))
(loop []
(let [v (prompt-for-number (str prompt ": "))]
(if (or (nil? v) (nil? (nth choices (dec v) nil)))
(nth choices (dec v))))))))
;;; Reading/writing clojure forms
(defn read-clj [f]
(with-open [r (reader f)]
(read ( r))))
(defn- project-clj-path [project]
(str (:root project) "/project.clj"))
(defn read-project-clj [project]
(read-clj (project-clj-path project)))
(defn write-project-clj [project forms]
(with-out-writer (project-clj-path project)
(pr forms)))
;;; Modifying defproject forms
(defn- zip-move-until
"Return the next location for which pred returns true, moving using
the supplied zip move function each time"
[pred move ziploc]
(->> ziploc (iterate move) (take-while identity) (filter pred) first))
(defn- find-or-add-keyval
"Given the location of a key-value list, return the location
at which the value with the given key can be found, inserting it if necessary."
[val-list key default]
(let [first-form (-> val-list zip/down)]
(if-let [marker (zip-move-until #(= key (zip/node %))
(zip/right marker)
(-> first-form
(zip/insert-right default)
(zip/insert-right key)
(defn- update-dependency-list
"Modify the project's dependency list of the given type by passing it through f.
Adds a dependency list of that type if none currently exists."
[project dep-type f]
(let [dep-list-loc (find-or-add-keyval (zip/seq-zip project) dep-type [])]
(-> dep-list-loc
(zip/replace (f (zip/node dep-list-loc)))
(defn add-artifact [project type artifact version]
(update-dependency-list project type
(fn [deps]
(cons [(symbol artifact) version] deps))))
(defn update-artifact [project dep-type artifact new-version]
(update-dependency-list project dep-type
(fn [deps]
(for [[a v] deps]
[a (if (= a (symbol artifact))
;;; Grokking version strings
(defn latest-stable [versions]
(first (filter (partial re-find #"^(\d+).(\d+).(\d+)$") versions)))
(defn split-version [v]
(if-let [[_ major minor patch suffix] (when v (re-find #"(\d+)\.(\d+)(?:\.(\d+))?(?:-(.*))?" v))]
[(Integer/parseInt major) (Integer/parseInt minor) (Integer/parseInt (or patch "0")) (or suffix "")]
[0 0 0 ""]))
(defn compare-versions [v1 v2]
(let [vers1 (split-version v1)
vers2 (split-version v2)
version-comparison (.compareTo (subvec vers1 0 3) (subvec vers2 0 3))]
(if (zero? version-comparison)
(let [v1-suffix (last vers1)
v2-suffix (last vers2)]
(= v1-suffix v2-suffix) 0
(= v1-suffix "") 1
(= v2-suffix "") -1
(= v1-suffix "SNAPSHOT") 1
(= v2-suffix "SNAPSHOT") -1
:else (.compareTo v1-suffix v2-suffix)))
(defn latest-stable [versions]
(->> versions
(sort-by identity compare-versions)
(filter (partial re-find #"^(\d+).(\d+)(?:.(\d+))?$"))
;;; Clojars cache
(defn- read-clojars-index [url]
(with-open [r (reader (GZIPInputStream. (.openStream (URL. url))))]
(let [r (PushbackReader. r)]
(loop [result [] code (read r false false)]
(if code
(recur (conj result code) (read r false false))
(defn write-clojars-cache []
(if (not (.exists (File. *lein-dir*))) (.mkdirs (File. *lein-dir*)))
(with-out-writer (str *lein-dir* "/clojars")
(pr (read-clojars-index ""))))
(defn read-clojars-cache []
(read-clj (str *lein-dir* "/clojars")))
(defn find-clojar [what]
(let [[group artifact] (if-let [match (re-find #"^([^/]+)/(.+)$" what)]
(next match)
[what what])]
(->> (read-clojars-cache)
(fn [{artifact-id :artifact-id group-id :group-id}]
(= artifact-id artifact)
(= group-id group)))))))
(defn search-clojar [what]
(let [p (re-pattern what)]
(doall (filter
(fn [{description :description artifact-id :artifact-id group-id :group-id}]
(re-find p (or description ""))
(re-find p artifact-id)
(re-find p group-id)))
(defn clojars-artifact-name
([group-id article-id]
(if (= group-id article-id)
(str group-id "/" article-id)))
([{artifact-id :artifact-id group-id :group-id}]
(clojars-artifact-name group-id artifact-id)))