A very simple db in clojure consisting of 7+2 commands.
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# stupiddb

A very simple DB in clojure.

* Only 7 + 2 functions.
* Simple setup. (one of the +2 functions)
* No finalizing code needed but possible. (second of the +2 functions can be omitted)
* Crash save, the db is logging!
* Thread save, thanks to clojures great concurrencly models.
* Might even be ACID complient :P.
* GZip support for space and IO performance.

Main Feature:
* You should not really have to worry about the features, it should just work.

## Usage
;use the namespace
(use 'stupiddb.core)
;; create / init / load a db that saves every 30 seconds
(def db (db-init "my-db-file.db" 30))
;; work with it
(db-assoc db :key :value)
(db-get db :key)
(db-dissoc db :key)

;close the db - you don't have to do this if your programm ends here it will just stop the DB from saving
(db-close db)

## Installation

use lein-search :P

## License

Copyright 2010, Heinz N. Gies
This code is under the same license as clojure, the EPL.