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  1. Download the latest version of Lidarr from
  • Extract the zip file into your target directory. Use a folder that Lidarr process would have write access to (DO NOT use C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86))
  • Run Lidarr.exe once as administrator to register the port and URL with Windows (Required for remote access)1
  • Manually start Lidarr by running Lidarr.exe or ServiceInstall.exe to install Lidarr as a Windows service.
  • Open http://localhost:8686 in your browser

1 The port will be opened on the firewall (if enabled) for the private profile only, if you're connected to a domain or a public network the port will not be opened automatically, but can be done so manually.



  • Download latest version of Lidarr's OSX package from
  • Open the archive and drag the Lidarr icon to your Application folder.
    • Note: In macOS 10.12+ Gatekeeper App Translocation will prevent Lidarr run directly from the Downloads folder from updating
  • Open
  • You should now be able to access Lidarr at http://localhost:8686


Docker is available on Linux, macOS and Windows

Full instructions:

Running Lidarr in a Docker container eases setup and reduces package installation on the host OS. Docker is available on many platforms see the Docker overview page and install Docker before setting up a Lidarr under Docker. Once Docker is installed you'll need to pull the image with docker pull linuxserver/lidarr and then create the container. See for the options available when creating the image.


Mono 4.80 or later is required.

  1. Download latest version and unpack to eg: /opt
  2. Create Lidarr user and group, eg:
useradd -s /bin/false -d /var/lib/lidarr/ -r -m -U lidarr
  1. Change owner and permissions for lidarr application files:
chown -R lidarr:lidarr   /opt/Lidarr
chmod -R a=,a+X,u+rw,g+r /opt/Lidarr
  1. Run lidarr as system service: Autostart on Linux
  2. Lidarr should be available on port 8686, for example: http://localhost:8686
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