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QVT code generator

Initial author: Erwan Bousse

Generates C# code out of QVT model transformations that follow the official QVT specification.


For more information: slides.


  • NMF
  • (only for reading QVT models from Enterprise Architect) LieberLieber Enterprise Architect wrapper

VS Solutions

  • Common: contains a VS solution with the projects commonly used by other solutions, such as utility classes for interacting with EnAr.
  • QvtEnginePerformance: contains a VS solution with the QVT code generator. Note: this solution references projects contained in the Common folder.
  • QvtMetamodelCodeGeneration: contains a standalone VS solution with the code used to generate the QVT metamodel code that can be found in the project LL.MDE.Components.Qvt.Metamodel of the solution/folder QvtEnginePerformance. It relies in the NMF framework to generate C# code from the official QVT Ecore model provided with the official QVT specification.
  • XSDImport2: contains a VS solution with part of a WIP toolchain to import XSD files, ie. XSD file --[EMF]--> Ecore file --[NMF]--> In-memory NMF model --> EnAr metamodel. Note: this solution references projects contained in the Common folder.
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