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A flexible database, user and content manager with UI for Laravel 5.2+
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Station for Laravel

Station allows developers to auto-generate, configure, and deploy an admin interface with advanced scaffolding, migrations and models for their Laravel software. It includes an artisan build command and a simple but extensible UI.

If you are tired of creating CRUD-capable interfaces from scratch, then Station may be perfect for you. In a few minutes you can have a back-end admin installed and ready for use by you, your customers, and your customers' users.

Station shines when used as a CMS however it is not your typical template-based CMS system. It does not include front-end templates or layouts. Instead it is intended to be used as a database, content, and user management system. It takes away the heavy-lifting involved in creating a back-end for your web site or application. But, it leaves the front-end a blank canvas for your creativity!

Read the Documentation

Looking for a Laravel 4 version? Check this out:

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