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Working with Station Models

Every time you run :ref:`build-command` all of your models (at least all of the models which are associated with Station panels) get regenerated. You might be thinking, "Well that sucks, what if I want to add my own methods to those models?!"". Guess what? That is not a problem. Station's models carefully avoid any custom code you've written and instead only replace Station's own boilerplate class variables and methods in your models, leaving your own work intact.

<?php namespace App\Models;

class Document extends \Eloquent {


        protected $table = 'documents';
        protected $guarded = array('id');


        // Feel free to add any new code after this line


This is an example of the model that is generated for a documents panel after running :ref:`build-command`. Any code that is added after //GEN-END will be safely ignored upon regeneration. So, feel free to add your own scopes, accessors, mutators, and other Laravel Eloquent goodies!