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Chaos% by Lighnat0r:
Welcome to Chaos%! This mod will cause all kinds of effects to trigger while playing GTA: Vice City. As it does not change any game files, you do not have to worry about messing up the game.
Start the program either before or during running Vice City.
When you start the program you will be greeted by a window with several options.
The first is an input box for the seed (a number of your own choosing). The seed affects which permanent effects will be enabled and which timed effects are picked when. Entering all zeros will disable all permanent effects.
Difficulty - This changes how many permanent effects are enabled. Timed effects are as of yet NOT affected by this (will change in the future).
Below this are the advanced options, which can be shown by clicking the button. These are following options:
Static effects enabled - Unchecking this will disable static effects.
Timed effects enabled - Unchecking this will disable timed effects.
Sånic mode enabled - Checking this will cause the timed effects to switch 10 times as fast.
After you are happy with the settings, confirm them and start playing!
Closing Chaos% will automatically restore the game to its normal state. If something doesn't, contact me so I can fix the bug. Restarting the game will always remove all traces of Chaos%, as it doesn't change the game files.
Note: Saves created while running Chaos% might retain some traces of the mod, such as changed maximum health.
Created by Lighnat0r
Contact me at for any questions, bugs, suggestions or find me in the #gta irc channel. You can also message me on Twitch (
For the source code and other stuff, check out the GitHub for Chaos% at
Version 1.22 Updates:
Fixed InTheArmyNow% crashing the mod.
Version 1.21 Updates:
Fixed the generation of the permanent effects.
Version 1.2 Updates:
GTA Marathon HYPE!
ExtremeDrunkCam% added as a timed effect.
Monstertruck% added as a timed effect.
Golf% added as a timed effect.
ImOuttaHere% added as a timed effect.
Cubicle% added as a timed effect.
InTheArmyNow% added as a timed effect.
TimeLapse% added as a timed effect.
FullHeal% added as a timed effect.
FullArmour% added as a timed effect.
TaxiJump% added as a timed effect.
TaxiJump% added as a permanent effect.
Marathon% added as a permanent effect.
DrunkCam% moved to a new category and difficulty increased from 1 to 2.
Fixed quicksave: no more easy abuse! The save automatically created by this is now only accessible after a game crash as intended.
Lag% now changes between the game speeds at a pseudorandom rate instead of fixed.
Timed effects are now disabled when player is uncontrollable (eg. in cutscenes).
Timed effects that have the same category as an active permanent effect are now automatically skipped.
Advanced options are now hidden by default.
The output window now shows the difficulty level.
Big improvement of the permanent effect generator, so the seeds are much more varied now.
Fixed bugs for V1.1 with changing ingame clock and checking if the game is faded out.
Teleport effects duration increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
PitStop% duration decreased from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
Polaris% difficulty increased from 3 to 4.
SuddenCarDeath% difficulty increased from 1 to 2.
Mirage% difficulty increased from 1 to 2.
NoBounce% difficulty increased from 2 to 3.
List of effects:
CrazyCones% (Cones are bouncy)
NoReplay% (Replays are disabled)
[4] PackageHealth% (Your max health equals twice the amount of packages collected)
[4] Vampire% (You gain health for killing people, but lose health during daytime)
[3] MissionSuicide% (Die after every mission completion)
[2] Flintstone% (Force the walking in car glitch. This also changes the control scheme in a car, refer to
[2] NoDriveby% (Disable drive-by's)
[5] Immersion% (Disable HUD and radar)
[2] AngryDrivers% (All random vehicles are angry drivers and car collisions are more extreme)
[2] Bounce% (Cars have very limited suspension damping)
[2] TaxiJump% (The car the player is in will have the taxi jump ability (activated using the horn key))
[3] ImTheInvisibleDriver% (Any vehicle you get in becomes invisible)
[2] Rayman% (Punching while running will deal massive damage to everything in a sizable radius)
[2] NoMagicalBackpack% (You have just one weapon slot available)
[2] Marathon% (Messes with the running animation stuff of the player. This has the effect that the player can't stand still anymore (the stop sprinting animation will keep looping instead). When running forward, you will get the sprint animation but only move VERY slowly. Holding sprint will fold Tommy sideways i.e. you don't move at all. By tapping sprint at the right pace (figure it out) you can reach insane speeds though. Once you've reached a high speed you can stop tapping sprint and keep the speed as long as you hold any of the movement (WSAD) keys.)
[2] FlatTire% (Both tires flattened if on bike, back left/right and front left tire flattened if in car)
[1] ToFlatTireOrNotToFlatTire% (Continuously pop and restore your tires)
[1] DrunkCam% (Activate the drunk camera)
[4] ExtremeDrunkCam% (Oh boy)
[2] Interior% (Load a pseudo-random interior)
[1] Mirage% (Objects/buildings appear/disappear depending on viewing angle)
[1] Eclipse% (The world becomes a very dark place)
[1] TimeLapse% (The game clock progresses very fast, creating an interesting sky)
[1] Wanted1% (Get a 1 star wanted level)
[2] Wanted2% (Get a 2 star wanted level)
[3] Wanted3% (Get a 3 star wanted level)
[3] Wanted4% (Get a 4 star wanted level)
[4] Wanted5% (Get a 5 star wanted level)
[5] Wanted6% (Get a 6 star wanted level)
[2] BeamMeUpScotty% (Gravity is negative)
[1] ZeroGravity% (Gravity is reduced to zero)
[2] QuarterGravity% (Gravity is reduced to a quarter of normal)
[1] HalfGravity% (Gravity is reduced to half of normal)
[2] DoubleGravity% (Gravity is increased to the double of normal)
[3] QuadrupleGravity% (Gravity is increased to the quadruple of normal)
[3] QuarterGameSpeed% (The game runs at quarter speed)
[2] HalfGameSpeed% (The game runs at half speed)
[2]/[2] DoubleGameSpeed% (The game runs at double speed)
[1] Lag% (Alternate between 0.25x and 2x game speed)
[2] AngryDrivers% (All random vehicles are angry drivers and car collisions are more extreme)
[4] Polaris% (Disables pathfinding for pedestrians)
[2] GhostTown% (No random vehicle and pedestrian spawns)
[2] NoRight% (Disable right turns)
[3] HighDPI% (The mouse becomes 10x more sensitive)
[3] LowDPI% (The mouse becomes 10x less sensitive)
[1] RainbowCar% (Cycle through all the possible car colours)
[2] ImTheInvisibleDriver% (Tommy and his car become invisible)
[3] AstralProjection% (Tommy is separated from his body)
[3] Monstertruck% (Tommy is seriously overweight)
[1]/[2] RandomFall% (Tommy falls down)
[1] LetsTakeABreak% (Tommy is uncontrollable for a shot period of time)
[1] PhoneCall% (Tommy thinks he's getting a call)
[4] FrameLimiter15% (Set frame limiter to 15 fps)
[4] FrameLimiter60% (Set frame limiter to 60 fps)
[2] SuddenCarDeath% (Set your car's health to just above burning)
[1] PitStop% (Gives your vehicle 10x max health. Removes your wheels shortly then puts them back)
[2] ZeroDrawDistance% (Draw distance is set to 0)
[2] EighthDrawDistance% (Draw distance is set to an eighth of the normal value)
[1] QuarterDrawDistance% (Draw distance is set to a quarter of the normal value)
[2] HalfDrawDistance% (Draw distance is set to half the normal value)
[2] DoubleDrawDistance% (Draw distance is set to double the normal value)
[2] NoBounce% (Cars have much higher suspension damping)
[1] Bounce% (Cars have very limited suspension damping)
[2] BouncyBounce% (Cars have nearly zero suspension damping)
[3] TaxiJump% (The car the player is in will have the taxi jump ability (activated using the horn key))
[4] Home% (Teleport to the Ocean View Hotel)
[3] Rave% (Teleport to the Malibu Club)
[4] Golf% (Teleport to the Leaf Links Golf Course)
[4] ImOuttaHere% (Teleport to the Escobar International Airport Terminal)
[4] Cubicle% (Teleport to the office featured in G-Spotlight)
[4] InTheArmyNow% (Teleport to the army base)
[5] Pacifist% (None of your weapons do damage)
[4] FullHeal% (Restores the player to max health)
[4] FullArmour% (Gives the player to max armour)
How timed effects work:
Every timed effect has a difficulty and weight as shown in the list above ([Difficulty]/[Weight]). Higher difficulty tier effects have a reduced chance to activate.
For every timed effect, there's a definition when it can or cannot trigger (in which missions, not on a mission, while on foot/in a certain vehicle etc)
Categories are used to group certain effects together. One effect per category is chosen per loop, so similar effects are unlikely to follow eachother.
Effects that are chosen but then skipped for whatever reason will still count towards the loop completion.
When a new effect has to be picked, the program will calculate a (pseudo-random) number based on the seed. That number is linked to an effect. Every effect has [Weight] numbers linked to it.
Then the program checks if the category the effect belongs to has not been activated yet in the current loop and if the effect is able to activate.
Another (pseudo-random) number is calculated based on the seed is picked from the range of 1 to [Difficulty]. If that is not equal to 1 the effect is skipped.
Might not function properly if you first run one version of Vice City while Chaos% is running, then switch to a different version without restarting Chaos% (e.g. first the retail version then the steam version).
After running the updater, the tray icon of the old version will not disappear automatically.
The game can be more unstable because of Chaos% at times. Continuously working on this.
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