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The Principles of the Trinary Universe Pages of Book for Galaxy Calculator Source Code

This Project is part of my Galaxy Calculator that is hosted here at: this project contains a bash script: and that is what this whole project exist for, just one of many files, so please limit all issues to this one file, and not the others that are there only to make this a complete project, that is used to build the complete Galaxy Calculator.

My Name is Jeffrey Scott Flesher, I wrote: The Principles of the Trinary Universe, it is a book based on the work of my First Cousin Five times removed, Isaac Newton and his Son Benjamin Franklin Flesher, who based their work on Jonanas Kepler, Galili Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin, the last two are known Relatives, that my family being Ashkenazi, named their children after to honor them, and in this case, they inherited thier work, and continued it, so when I inherited it, I too continuted their work, and this work is that story about how I came to write this Galaxy Calculator.

This Galaxy Calculator is not like most other Calculators, I say that about every Calculator I have ever written, and I have written a few in my lifetime, I think I have written one in ever computer language I have ever learned, and never really understood that all those so called Calculators, were only Estimators at best, and to fully understand how accurate a calculation needs to be, you must understand what it is you are calculating, and since I was a child I have been fascinated by the Light, so when I was old enough to learn how to read, I wanted to read about Sir Isaac Newton, the reason why he fascinated me so much, is because my First Cousin 5 times removed, is none other then Isaac Newton, and his son Benjamin Franklin, both Flesher's like myself Jeffrey Scott Flesher, so long story story, in the Bible there is a passage about the End of Time, my Cousin Isaac Newton wrote that Time refereed to the Astrological Time periods, mainly Pisces, I documented my math in my PhD for Physics, the old version can be found here: the new version will not be updated until I have published my book on Lulu and Amazon, this Copyleft by will be updated the same day, and in fact will always be newer then then the version at Lulu or Amazon, but if you access to it on your Smart Phone, or want a Printed Book, or ePub, or eBook, or PDF, all those will be available on github as well, I am very clear that I am selling them, not only so my Wife can survive, because in reality I really am a Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant, who was a Computer Programmer, Electronic Engineer, Mathematician for the (E)F-111, Computer Test Station program during the Gulf War, then transferred into Air Rescue and Special Operations as a Helicopter Crew Chief, that is all documented here: but this Project is not about me or my Math, this is just the reason why I am telling you this Calculator is different then all others, and it would not be without knowing why, so long story short, this bash script I used to create this Page: is what became this Calculator, in fact it is just a Page out of my Galaxy Calculator.

This Calculator Story started when the Church asked Sir Isaac Newton to calculate the date for the End of Time, Newton said that is easy, it is after the year 2012, that is at the End of the Time of Pisces, and into the Time of Aquarius, when an Ice Age will last for thousands of years, thus the End of Civilization as we know it, I did the Calculation, under the Julian Calendar it will after 25 December 2060, under the Gregorian Calendar it will be after 14 January 2060, witch just happens to be my 99th birthday, if I live that long, I do have cancer, and every year they keep cutting more out, not sure how much will be left of my in 40 more years, but I can now show you the Math used to calculate this date. Using many different computers, I calculated our Suns circumference by hand round off to 1,011,954,093,357,316,200 miles in diameter, but most calculators tell me it is only 1,011,954,093,357,316,100, and that is what JavaScript was giving me, so I thought to myself, I will do this in C++ and get the right answer, as if saying JavaScript is wrong, but C++ will be right, but it gave me 1,011,954,093,357,316,096, obviously worse, which confused me since JavaScript was written in C or C++, but it turns out that like bash, which also gave me the same result as C++ did, made me turn to bc, an Arbitrary Math Library I could access via bash, and it gave me the correct answer, and so does BigNumber.js, so now I can calculate this distance without having to do it by hand, but few calculators can, proving this is not like normal calculator.

Only Stupid People will argue that no one would ever require this much accuracy, and keep in mind Stupid means uneducated, as if they attended “Close” only counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, school of Hard Knocks, because that is what is called an Estimators, not a Calculator, but let me put it this way, the rounding error that my Trinary Math, which I myself invented, based only on the Bible, and writing of my cousin Isaac Newton, and something that my cousin Benjamin Franklin wrote, which was that God shows who IAM in Lightening, I And Me, which me is just short for Flesh, and that is my name, and also what Isaac Newton said that "I" would come back as at the End of Time, and according to the Bible, it is when not "I", but "Me" in the Flesh will also die again. Maybe now you can understand why IAM interested in this Story, but it is why I ended up writing this Template, but according to the Air Force I am Schizoaffective, and have OCD in the Autistic Spectrum, which runs in my family line, having moved from Germany to North America back in the 16 and 17 hundreds, so we are Native Americans, living it what is now the United States of America, and mostly all Militia and or Military, and have some tradition about fighting in every War this Country has ever fought, so being Medically Retired after all I went through, is no surprise, the main reason I was so sick for so long, caused me to grow another spleen, making me rare, since this has only been documented, in less then 10% of the people in the whole world, and less then 1% survive septic shock as long as I did, as a result since November of 1991, when I was forced under treat of Dishonorable Discharge if I did not get the Anthrax Vaccine, I got Shot, almost died from Septic Shock, and was living with it, till 2017, when my Descending Colon gave out, and they removed it, in all those years, the VA could not fix it, and told me there was no surgery they could do, so cutting and burning cancer out bit by bit is the life I live, but believe it or not, my 180 IQ is not uncommon among Aspies, and to put that number into perspective, here is a fact you will have to research to find out that it is true, because if you did not know it, you would not have known, but Albert Einstein was Autistic, and like myself, he is also an Ashkenazi decedent, we both came from the same region of Germany, he had an IQ of 160, understand that 180 is 20 points different, 70 is retarded, and most normal people have an IQ of 90, 100 is average, but most people are below average, proving that most people can better relate to retarded people, then they can with people with an IQ of 130, so Einstein with a 160 was someone most people can not relate to, but as far as I am concerned, he was retarded, because that 20 point of IQ is Relative, and unlike his Theory of General Relativity, which he himself denounced back in 1942 when Nikola Tesla, another Ashkenazi Aspie just like Sir Isaac Newton, told Einstein to Prove his Theory or Shut up about it, this was an Interview with a reported called Smith, who after reporting this, Einstein held a press conference, and denounced all this work, stating that without Sir Isaac Newton's God that is All Light without Darkness, all my Theories have a Paradox that can not exist in Really, the Reports printed the Headlines that Einstein became Religious like Sir Isaac Newton, proving that anyone that believes in Theories are Retarded, so do not get me going with Plank, pure insanity, he did not believe in the Light, and to understand how mad Plank was, you have to understand he bought off on Einstein's Theory that he himself denounced, you take the Mass of any Object in the Universe, and it is most Light at the Subatomic level, so what Mass are we computing here? To prove just how insane most people are, if you understood Newton, you would know that Darkness is just a Rainbow of Colors found in the White Light of the Sun, so what you call Light, is actually Darkness, and that is insane, the Bible stated that you must have Faith that the God exist, and God is defined as only All Light without Darkness, so God is the Light, and you can not see that Light, because you can only see the Darkness, and that is why it is Stupid to call it the Light, in fact, what I proved in my PhD, was that Light is Static, and face it most Normal People think that Autistic People are Stupid, do some research, most of all the Inventions, Math, Science, Art, and so on, all came from Autistic people and not Normal People, no wonder they think we are so Stupid, I actually met a person that said that the Flat Earth was something they understood, I happen to like this person for admitting why, and now I understand why, he was able to explain it to me, people were never taught Newton in school, and that is why they are Stupid, they have never been Educated, so let me Educate you about Newton.

My Cousin Isaac Newton was born in Weston West Virginia, research will prove this was once known as Flesherville, because the Government gave them this land for Military Service, as they did land on Goose Island, so it is named after my Great-Great Grandfather Henry Weston Flesher, my family was very close to Benjamin Franklin, we fought in the War of Independence, but his biggest battle was getting people to talk about Sir Isaac Newton's 2060 calculation, and it started we Andrew his Father, who was Henry's son, who set him on this path with a papers written by hand by Sir Isaac Newton, over the years, these became copies, and in my book, I tell of what happens to them, but I do not have them any longer, but a much more interesting debate over the Math Equation itself came into question, since Newton did the Math in his Head, and people have gone through all the Public Domain work left by Sir Isaac Newton, and did not find this Equation, but many references to the date 2060, in fact it is public domain, yet few know that whole story the way I do, Newton's Notes in the Public Domain will back me up to a point, but I use Kepler as a foundation, based on his Harmony of the World, Stupid or Uneducated people think the World we live in is called Earth, when in fact the World we live in is called our Solar System, yes, the World meant our Sun, and everything in it, but not the Galaxy, that is World of Worlds in the Bible, witch comes down to Trinity: The Father is the Positive 1, in math where E is Energy, we use the equation E = +1, or E = 1, if you want to drop the Positive + sign, in Alchemy now called Chemistry, we have the Atom, when it is at its Brightest, it is 3 Dimensional, so it has: width, height, and depth, 3 Dimensions, so the Father matters and is therefore Matter, now the Bible states that all must go through the Father to get to Heaven, and Heaven is Positive, so only Positive Energy can get into Heaven, so the Son, in the Bible Son of God was called Jesus, so Jesus was a Negative one, so the equation is E = -1, so we look at the Atom and it is not so bright, it is in fact Semisolid, and because the Son moves away from the Father when it Matters, the Son is known as the Antimatter, and only has 1 or 2 Dimensions, and then comes the Holy Ghost, also known as the Spirit of Mother Nature, sometimes called Earth, and Earth is also known as Ground, and given the equation E = 0, and 0 means 0 Dimensions, so in this Dimension of Space, the Atom is Invisible, because its Space is collapsed, proving it has 0 Dimensions to travel in, making Light Static, and this is easy to prove, think of the Atom like you would an Electron, since it is an Atom, there are 3 types: Proton, Neutron and Electron, now we know they have Light inside of them, just spit one in half if you do not believe me, because we know that when you do Neutrinos will be emitted, so we know Atoms are just Light covered in Neutrinos, my PhD was based on this concept, I call it Trinary Science, because calling it Trinity Science, sounds like Religion, and Sir Isaac Newton was very clear about Religion, he wrote that the Bible was written in a series of Canons or Books, some got thrown out or Lost, but during Roman Times, all the Bibles were converted to Witchcraft, so that the Story of Jesus could survive the Roman Empire, but it had to be done in a way that few would ever suspect, all except those that know the truth, but Witchcraft is also described as a writing of words and spells, that have more then one meaning, for example, to Protect, to most people if someone ask you if you want Protection, that was a safe thing to ask for, but you never want to ask a Roman Solider for Protection, and this is same today as it was back then, ask the Navy and they will call in the Marines, who will shot first and ask questions when they need to write a report, about why they shot you you first, you ask the Army and they will move in, an take over all operations, and you will have to ask permission to go to the bathroom, you ask the Air Force and they will take out a lifetime lease, and you might never go to the bathroom alone again, trust me, I am retired Air Force, and my Wife is also an Air Force Vet, so everywhere I go, does does she, we still use Military time, that means the Julian Calendar, so my Birthday is actually at Christmas, ask a Police Officer and they Arrest you, so most people understand Witchcraft just fine, once they understand one of its Spells, so let me start with the Spell Christ, this means a Deity, and that means that it is a Spirit, what kind is unknown since they throw out the Canon or Book of Astrology, but Jesus would have been a Pisces, so he was the Fish, now Nikola Tesla will tell this part of His-Story, an Alternating Current called AC, uses Newtonian Math, because Newton said all his equations have God as the Force of Gravity in them, keep in mind Newton is an Aspie, he only says what he means, and means what he said, so Literally meaning that Light, witch Tesla calls AC, basic electronic stuff, you have a Flashlight, a battery, and a Light bulb, in Physics what really happens, and how does Gravity work, and that is simple for me to example to even a Sheep, witch is what the Bible was written for, everyone that reads the Bible is reading it from the point of view they are a sheep, most Normal people do not even get it, while intelligent people read it and think what is going on here, if the Lord is my Shepard and I lay down in Green Pastures, I am a Sheep, so the whole Bible is written to be read by a Sheep, that is how they sold it to the Roman Empire, as such none of them read it, because they did not want to be a Sheep, and that is as true now as it was then, because sheep are just stupid, and even after you train them to use a toilet, and ride a horse, you can never get them to understand reality, and that is why they are easily fooled by a Theory, not to be confused with a Fact, Sheep have a Theory that when you press the button of a flashlight, the electrons are speed up and shot out of the flashlight at the speed of Light, and Sheep are stupid because they do not understand Newtons Laws, for every Action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and for their to be any movement, there most be acceleration, and that is when Theory is just way to stupid to understand for anyone with an IQ, less then Einstein, and he was retarded according to me, anyone who spends a lifetime working on a Theory that is never Proven is an Idiot, and Einstein was no Idiot, he denounced his Theory the first time anyone called him on it, because he knew he could not prove it without the Light of God, because Light has no Acceleration therefore it is static, and not Dynamic, look at an AC Signal and you will see this:

 1 |*| | | |*| | | |*|
 0 | |*| |*| |*| |*| |
-1 | | |*| | | |*| | |

You see the Letter W, where the Spell called Waveform came from, note it took 10 Digits, this is also the same same as our Brainwaves, and Tesla said we are Light Beings, because of this fact, and Newton said you would have to be insane to believe in a Deity, since they do not Physically Exist, and by definition is the definition of the word Insane, and why Newton said he could Calculate the Motion of Heavenly Bodies, but not the Madness of People, because that is why he taught empty class rooms, because some People would rather believe in things that do not Physically Exist, and that is why when asked why he teaches Empty Class Rooms, is simple, I do not teach Sheep, and only teach intelligent beings, and they can attend or not, but No Sheep allowed, I proved that Christ does not exist in History, the Roman Empires records prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ did not exist, not Physically anyway, Christ was inserted into the Bible as a Deity, so that the teaching of Jesus, the only Jesus in the Bible, Jesus Bar Abbas, the Leader of the Militia who almost defeated the Roman Empire, and only those that chose to use Money, the Root of All that is Evil, and Evil is a backward Spell for Live, and where the concept of Love came from, so it was the Bank that keeps this concept of Christ going, all so they could use Money without Denying that Jesus has 3 names, thus denying him 3 times, and this is why Sir Isaac Newton was banned from the Public, because as it turns out, Newton is Antichrist, but it is clear what Newton's God is, All Light without Darkness, without Region, which is the Belief in a Deity, and also insane according to any Dictionary in our World. As proof that we are Light beings, remove the Frequency of Light and that Life-form dies, but as Newton pointed out, it is better to preserve a Story any way you can, but he did not like the teaching of Trinity, so I had to change the name to Trinary, so I could correct the Teaching of God, because God is All Light without Darkness, so I never need to change any words in the Bible to make my point, in fact I just Read them and not Read into them, so like all the Greatest Wizards in time, and going back in time the News paper called Nikola Tesla the Last Wizard, BBC called Sir Isaac Newton the Last Magician, which translates to Wizard, and the Bible said that Jesus was a Wizard, he held a Staff of Power that he used to create Magic, much like Moses, the Dark Wizard according to Sir Isaac Newton, since he destroyed the Pyramids for its Gold to make his Money, as History proves, and those in charge of the Money will never allow the Story of Jesus Bar Abbas, to one about the Leader of a Militia, that fought to keep Citizens going to the Roman Coliseum for not paying their Taxes, instead people that use money, condemn Bar/Abbas for murdering those poor Roman Solider that were just doing their job, while Christ, who actually never existed in History or even Physically in the Universe, preached peace, while in reality he was a Solider for the Militia who fought and died for Freedom, in reality they are the same person, but the fact remains that you are picking sides, and most pick Christ, and that is why we have Christmas at the end of Spring and not on my Birthday, where it still is under the Julian Calendar, people have problems doing Calendar Math, so let me point out the Facts: Sir Isaac Newton was born on 25 December 1642, under the Julian Calendar, during his lifetime it was changed to the Gregorian Calendar, changing it to 4 January 1643, then they removed 10 Days, and would like you to believe they do not exist, but they did to Newton, who Celebrated his Birthday on 14 January as I do.

In short, Trinary Science is the Belief in the Bible, knowing that God is All Light without Darkness, and I can only see the Darkness and call it the Light, because IAM God, and also the resurrection of Jesus Bar Abbas, because I am a descendant of Newton, but what do you expect from an Ashkenazi Aspie with a 180 IQ, whose motto is: "I do not care what Yew believe, Know it or No it not", where Yew is actually type of Tree, one of which is called Taxus, and only Stupid Sheep would eat Taxus, so I call Stupid Sheep Yew, and if that Sheep is a Female Sheep, then Yew are a Ewe, so do not get confused if I call Yew Stupid, and comparing my IQ to Yew, is very educational, and in the Trinary Universe, when you press the button on the Flashlight, the Light does not move, the Universe is always moving at the Speed of Light, only Sheep thing in terms of how fast our Planet is moving, when in my Reality, it is being Dragged through the Universe, and Friction is slowing it down, because when its Atoms are in the 0 Dimension, it is then able to freely move around, if it tried to move in other dimensions, it would burn up due to friction, the direction of this friction is what confuses most Sheep like Yew, since at the 0 Dimension of Space, there is no such concept as Direction, since there are no Dimensions to travel in, so when it comes out of these Dimensions of Space, it tries to bind with what ever is around it, and that is called Gravity, and this Galaxy Calculator uses the Mathematics of Electronics Principles, based on Tesla's work, and combines it with Kepler's, and using the Newtonian Universe and Math of Newton, I created this Trinary Math, which can very accurately calculate a lot of Data about a Galaxy, like the circumference of the path of out Sun, I call these Tracks, and can calculate the speed and Frequency, but if you did not know His-Story about Newton, you would have no idea what a Track Frequency was, because Newtons math is all based on Electrons, the Bible calls this Principle Trinity, Heaven is Positive, Hell is Negative, and Ground is Neutral, simple 3 Phase Electricity, so the circumference is in terms of Distance, and its Wavelength in Miles determines its Frequency.

So what does the Galaxy Calculator really Prove? That by 2103 we will not have a Magnetosphere unless the Earths Polarity Reverses, so it calculates when that will happen, and as it turns out, the Math is not that hard, and I can do it in my head just like Newton did, grant you few Autistic people have this ability, so normal people think it is not possible, but it took me a long time to figure out how to show my work, so you can look at the bash or JavaScript versions of this Math, and it will become clear to you, that this is not normal Math, because all the math constants are taken from the Bible, proving who ever wrote it, could do the math in their head, and if you have not figured out that all this code is here: please take a look, the Calculator is there also, but this is a different app, it will take a while to finish this one, first I need to finish that one, so this Tutorial will not be finished till sometime in May, I am not in a hurry for one, and I want to do it right for another, because this Galaxy Calculator will tell us how long we have to Live, and I do not care if you believe it or not, nor does the Universe, so know it, or act like a Sheep, and say No it Not, you can not deny the Magnetosphere changes anymore then Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd did, because the Earth really is Hollow, not sure about these underwater or underground access tunnels, but many people claim they exist, personally seeing is believing, and I have never seen them, nor have been to the Moon, yet I know for a fact we could not ever live there, my Galaxy Calculator proves that also, but on that same note, this Project is not about Trinary Science, and was not created to promote it, but the Galaxy Calculator was created to prove it, so the lines become blurry, because without this Knowledge, this would just be a normal Calculator, and His-Story proves it is not.

My life is complicated to say the lease, been married about 40 years to two woman, 20 and 20, I am married to a Catholic and both are Aries, and I am a Capricorn, witch means I was conceived in Aries, so I am used to telling her how Stupid Ewe are for believing in things that do not Physically Exist, somethings she thinks I am talking about her, because like Newton, I know more about the Bible than most Normal People, and trust me the Pope is not Normal, and if you ask him if he believes in Sir Isaac Newton, I am pretty sure the answer is yes oh course, everyone should, because all his Math is based on God. People have started actual fights with me over this view, but thinking they could win a fight that was over 333 years old is insane, since that is when the World found out about Isaac Newton, they called this the Enlightened Era, but most people are just Stupid, they believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe, that the Author told you was a Lie to sell a book and get an Award, proving how Evil Money is, but he told you that you are insane for believing it, proving that most people are insane, so check out my Madness Meter, and wonder why most people do not know what I just told you, considering its all Public Domain, and if you want a Second Opinion about Newton, see this BBC Special called "The Last Magician" this page uses a JavaScript Loader, sometimes I regret that decision, so hit reload if you do not see the Video Play button, it uses HTML5 Video Control to play video. You can also find a link here at Sir Isaac Newton's Reference Page: it has a link to download the video:

The Galaxy Calculator is about Newton's concept of the Universe, but I could not find the Equation he used to calculate it, so I made up my own, and some of this math will surprise you, for example Trinary Math is based on figures you will find in the Bible, so it is not surprising that 12 Cycles of Astrological Calendar is 2012 years, just like the Mayan Calendar, and in fact, our Gregorian Calendar is also based on 2012 years, since that was the End of Pisces and the beginning of Aquarius, must Sheep do not know this, but do this math and it will freak you out:

// Take an Size of any Sun in any Galaxy
// 1/137 is in the Bible, I call this a Trinary Marker, and use 13 Decimal Places to represent it.
var trinaryMarker = BigMath.dividedBy("1", "137", 13);
// this equals this: 0.0072992700730
// using this equation: sunSize * trinaryMarker ) / 3 
// Our Sun is 864575.9 Miles in Diameter as such the above equals 2103,
vStorage = BigMath.times(sunSize, trinaryMarker, 0);
var maxIteration = BigMath.dividedBy(vStorage, 3, 16);
maxIteration = Math.floor(maxIteration);
// I calculated a Minimum of by subtracting 1104, another Biblical Number,
// and got 999
// from that I calcualted the Average based on subtracting yet another Biblical number: 91
// Sun changes polarity 10 (0 - 9) times a Century: 100 - 9 = 91
// to get 2012 for an Average

As such 1/137 of the 3 Phase Energy takes 2012 years, so these Calculators are calculated by the Size of our Sun, and the ironic part of this type of Math, is that everyone knows 1/137 is a Magic Number, but few understand why, it is the Harmonic Frequency of our Sun, and who ever wrote the Bible knew this, and Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Franklin and Tesla knew this, they could do this math in their Heads, just like the Mayans did, in fact Galileo's belief in this almost lost him his Country, Newton had to hide his notes for Centuries, then when they were Released, the Religious Community Banded all this Knowledge, because they like their Sheep to be Stupid, when in Reality, the Bible tells you that Satan is Evil, the Devil, D evil, get it, I do not, because I am Dyslexic, so Santa and Satan are the same word to me, it is the Satan Clause, Christmas was moved from the Middle of Winter to the end of Spring for a Celebration, but they are not celebrating the Light, the are Worshiping the Darkness and calling it the Light, this is called Satanism, and it is what Galileo had to accept in order to stay.

Sheep want to argue how I calculated the Distance our Sun has to travel around the Galaxy, do the Math:

((241828072282107.5071453596951 * 666) * 2) * 3.14159265359 = 1011954093357316199.999999999911810770784788

Now ask yourself, what is a Trinary Engine, the Bible talks about, the call them Suns, Planets, Moons, and even Commits, and Asteroids, and that Biblical number 666, well that just proves they knew this, it is as easy as PI to 11 decimal places for a Precision of 13, another Biblical number, you can argue with the math, but that answer is correct, I calculated its frequency for both the Livable Planet and the Track, the Track Frequency is correct, and it is based on the Minimum Speed, which is 333,333.333, and the Maximum Speed is 666,666.666, and as you all know the speed of the Planet Earth is 66,666.666 miles an hour, so none of these numbers are made up, and they work for all Galaxies, not just ours. This is not an accident nor an engineered number, without these act numbers, this equation does not work, so it is a Mathematical Certainty, and that should freak you out, all these numbers that are tied to some type of Conspiracy, or Hidden Masonic Secret, witch is it, turns out to be a Mystery that only God can example, very few people can come up with a better example that proves God Exist, with as much Mathematical Certainty as this.

If you know our Track Frequency is 30,000,030 in hertz, you know every 30 thousand years we go through the Galactic Disk, and you know why, it is a Sine Wave, it has a Helix shape to it, so knowing this alone, I can reverse engineer its Frequency to get its Wavelength, and figure out how many miles that is, in terms of Speed, and I know this is due to fiction, because the Atoms are being pulled through space, and riding on Wave-forms we can not see with our eyes, these are called Gravity Waves or Gravitational Forces, so we must have Faith that God exist, because God is that Waveform, just like the one in our head, God created everything from Light, all I did was show you how to use this Trinary Math in a Galaxy Calculator.

I have made this a github project: this will allow others to fork this, and change it for their needs, this is CopyLeft by, the book as a whole is also now a Lulu and Amazon Project, so they have Copyrights on this Material as a PDF or ePub or eBook, so my intent is for users to completely do a rewrite, only saving the material they wish to keep, or at very least, add a narration to it, I do not care if you use it to try to disprove me, all I ask is not to open any debates about it, this is not a forum, the book is what it is, mainly my view of my lifetime, and those written by my First Cousin Issac Newton, and his Son Benjamin Franklin Flesher, and it covers everything I learned, and no debate will ever change that, regardless of it others believe it is different, Newton said what he said, and all I did was repeat it, so this is about My Life, not yours, not your Experiences in it, but mine, not about what you Read, and more to the Point, Read into, this is about what I Read, and everything I learned about the Universe that was worth Documenting, so that really is not up for debate, and I really do not care who believes it, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Franklin, Tesla and even Einstein believed it, and just because Me, Jeffrey Scott in the Flesher, decided to become the Light Wizard, Light meaning Light without Darkness as in the Newtonian God from the Bible, and a Wizard just like the others that said the same thing, note I did not change anything that any of them ever said or wrote, nor did I need to change the Bible, all of these are facts, and facts never change, only Theories do, and I have none of those. and I added my bash Galaxy Calculator here also, so you can compare how I converted a bash script to JavaScript.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Project, has many aspects to it, one is Public Domain Information, and that is not Open Source, but posted as Open Source so others can Fork Public Domain Information, and that is all, the issues it causes are not my issues, unless I actually made a mistake, and trust me I do, and I will admit it, and fix it, so those types of issues are welcome, but most of it will border line of Grammar or Spelling, and that is a personal thing, more then just a set of rules, waiting for someone to review your work and grade it on grammar, or spelling for that matter, so be mindful when making an issue, the fact there are not two Jesus's in the Bible is not an issue, because Newton explained why this happened, and the Banks explain while it continues to happen, as if a bad credit report is any better then Lion, Tigers and Bears, I knew a Computer Programmer who really like that book, and used it to define everything he learned in life in concepts, for example the Lion was not brave, and mostly because it never told the truth, it only behaved like others thought a Lion should act like, so Lions and Sheep are the Same in this Story, and Tigers, although not in the Wizard of Oz, were more like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh, because no one ever took them serious the way they came off, and Bears, also not in the Story, funny how this story is not about the main thing they sing about, but Bears are people that bear it all, those that have the burden of knowing the truth, and like Poe, just think this whole story is bother, talking to Tigger will only confuse matters, and the Lion will never tale the Truth, nor want to hear it, and that is why the Scare Crow has Monkeys Flying out its Ass, a scene in the movie that as a child left me with Nightmares, yet in the Story they acted just like Tax Collectors for the Wicked Witch, because in Reality the Bank was trying to foreclose on Dorothy's Aunt Em, because this guy proved to me that Em was just short for the Empress of the Roman Empire, and she was the Empress in training, and it was not till I though about how they changed the Bible and why, that I finally understood this Story, because at the time, they could not tell this story, making all these stories we read as children really make use wonder if they say what they mean, and mean what they say, or do they say and write what they think they can get away with, and hope that eventually someone will figure out it was a cry for help, imagine if you found out that that the move Saw, was actually real footage just like the Blare Witch Hunt, because in reality this guy wrote most of the Operating System for Unix, and if I did not know him, I would not know this about him, and now that he is dead, I can not ask him why, so I had to learn to look deeper into the things he did say, that I thought explained things better, but his math was also based on Lions, Tiggers and Poe Bears, and if you did not guess, this was someone I knew as a Child, and why I get all the movies I have ever seen, all mixed up, and I am not talking about people that are insane, but those that look at life and things in it differently then most people do, so most of what I had to say, was already said a different way, by many different people, and those that worship the Darkness and call it the Light, they never want to admit they are Satanic, and this is not My Issue, but those that do this and think it is not, that actually is insane, like Newton said, so take it up with him.

I always have to read everything I write at least 3 times because I am dyslexic and have OCD, even then I see words in my mind that are not in the text, because I never read text from the terminal, only in my mind, so I miss many mistakes, witch is how I made the to begin with, so I will try to fix those as I go along, so this will require a lot of Updates, while I am writing it, since I am working on both the Tutorial and the Code at the same time, so I may have not even re-read this once.


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