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Galaxy Calculator
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Galaxy Calculator

This Project is Open Source, with No License required, this is a Qt Quick QML App, that will run on Desktop, or Webassembly.

This App can be compiled for any OS that Qt supports: Linux, Windows, MAC, Android and iOS, as well as every OS that Qt supports, so this should run on most if not all popular OS's.

Just download, extract to a folder, and open with Qt Creator, which must be installed, and compile or run it.

Galaxy Calculator is a Work in Progress, it is based on Sir Isaac Newtons Calculations, and was updated to include the Math Nikola Tesla, thus inventing a new type of Math I call Trinary Mathematics, that is used to Calculate the Galaxy.

Currently I am working on learning Qt 3D Studio so I can add a Graphical Simulator, that will have two views, one of an view of the Galaxy with a sample of Tracks, since screen space is a limiting factor, and the second view is of one Track, for closer inspection. My goal is to create a 3D Studio scene using on its built in features, so I can change the size of the Galaxy, Sun, Planet and Moon, and number of Tracks displayed, so that all variables can be adjusted.

You would have to understand Trinary Science and the Trinary Universe to understand the Galaxy Calculator, but basically Trinary has the same meaning as Trinity did to Sir Isaac Newton, it describes and Alternating Current or AC, the Father is the +1, the Son is the -1, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature is 0, so it is Trinary Logic with: +1, -1 and 0 as Logic Levels, I use the name Trinary because Newton hated the Teaching of Christ.

There is a configuration screen, where you configure the Galaxy, you can Name the Galaxy, set its Sun Size in Miles in Diameter, set its Living Planets Size in Miles in Diameter, set the number of Trinary Engines, see Help for more details, and the Radius of of the Galaxy in Miles in Diameter, and how many Tracks you want to print.

The Galaxy Calculator is a one button click to calculate, it remembers the last calculation you made, it records the Track Number, how many Trinary Engines it takes to be on that track, its Suns minimum and maximum Speed in Miles an Hour, the Livable Planets Frequency, the Suns Orbital Distance in Miles, and the Tracks Frequency, which Sir Isaac Newton used to determine when the End of Civilization will happen, and according to his and my calculation, that will happen in the year 2060 under the Julian Calendar still used by the Military, or 2061 under the Gregorian Calendar in use today, this was the same calculation given to the Public, but few know how he calculated it, I wrote a new formula, because I could not find his original equation.

This Galaxy Calculator was written for use, after I thought about the bash script that created this page:

The bash script not only crated the page, but calculated the table values.

I hope this helps everyone visualize what the Application needs to do, which is only to graph and plot the path of Stars around the Galaxy.

This is not a Galaxy Simulator, only a Graph and Plot, and that is very important to understand, I would like to write a Galaxy Simulator built using only the Laws and Rules or Electronics, and that project will be called a Galaxy Simulator, and why this Project is only called a Galaxy Calculator.

For more information see: Wiki

This is a work in progress, please report any bugs, and comments.

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