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Docker container for all builds
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LightJason - Docker


The LightJason Docker container is build for any developing strucutre of the whole LightJason frameworks and additional components. The container is splitted up into different section with different build environment

Java Development

Docker container with a Java Development Framework (JDK) and additional tools

Tags: jdk

LaTeX Development

Docker container with a TeX-Live build. This container stores a complete installation of the LaTeX distribution with additional tools

Tags: tex

  • Alpine Linux Latest
  • TeX-Live LaTeX distribution
  • LaTeXMK configuration for building PDF with glossary and mpost
  • Git Client with OpenSSH support, Curl, Wget, Perl, GnuPG and Go are included
  • GHR is included to create GitHub release structure

Webpage Development

Docker container for building static webpages

Tags: web

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