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##JSHint plugin for Light Table

A simple JSHint integration that shows JSHint warnings directly in the editor.


To run JSHint on a file, run the command Run jshint on current editor. By default this will display inline warnings. This plugin has the following additional behaviors you can add to your user.behaviors:

  • :lt.plugins.jshint/gutter-hints - Enable jshint warnings to show up as gutter hints that display warning on hover
  • :lt.plugins/jshint/jshint-options - Configure JSHint with a map of JSHint options
  • :lt.plugins.jshint/jshint-globals - Define a list of globals to ignore
  • :lt.plugins.jshint/on-save - Run JSHint on file save
  • :lt.plugins.jshint/on-change - Run JSHint on change

Use one of these behaviors with the right tag e.g. [:editor.javascript :lt.plugins.jshint/on-change]

For Committers

This plugin depends on the JSHint package. To upgrade it npm install jshint@VERSION and ensure all behaviors work correctly.