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@cldwalker cldwalker released this 10 Dec 23:33
· 176 commits to master since this release


  • CHANGED: We have switched to Electron from NW.js
  • CHANGED: LT's releases and self-updating processes are completely in the open on Github
  • CHANGED: We no longer ship with a node binary as we're able to use Electon's node binary for background processes
  • CHANGED: Proxy support has been disabled. There is an issue for re-enabling it at #1984. We are looking for help on how to QA this.
  • CHANGED: behavior takes a value from 0 to 1. With NW.js, it could take negative numbers which no longer work and will freeze LT on startup
  • CHANGED: When opening a file from the commandline, each invocation opens a new LightTable app regardless of whether LightTable is already open. To optionally bring back the old behavior, see #2014.
  • CHANGED: Provide constant port number 5678 for external browser connection
  • CHANGED: Beginner friendly explanations to user.keymap and user.behaviors
  • CHANGED: 32-bit linux is no longer an official download. Building from source will still be supported
  • FIX: Major usability issues on >= OSX 10.10
  • FIX: Bug in :editor.force.wrap command
  • FIX: Invalid behaviors warning when installing plugin
  • FIX: Uninstalling plugin causes misleading missing dialog to popup
  • FIX: Installing plugins, loads new behaviors immediately
  • FIX: Open files from commandline that have whitespace
  • FIX: Styling for folding
  • FIX: Creating files under folders with '.' in name
  • FIX: Quote and link styling for default theme
  • FIX: Fat cursor not showing up when searching in default theme
  • FIX: Uncomment command respects line-comment-options behavior
  • FIX: Opening file from OSX file manager opens correct file
  • FIX: Width of inputs for renaming files in workspace tree
  • FIX: Detect latest plugin versions in plugin manager
  • ADDED: LT can be built from source with provided scripts across supported platforms
  • ADDED: Improved documentation - most core fns have docstrings, all namespaces have docstrings, API docs and developer docs
  • ADDED: Most of LT's node libraries are installed as npm dependencies instead of as forked libraries
  • ADDED: Vector format support for workspace behaviors
  • ADDED: Open to line number from commandline e.g. light FILE:LINE
  • ADDED: commandline comes with improved --help
  • ADDED: :lt.objs.editor/load-addon behavior loads CodeMirror addons that ship with LT
  • ADDED: :lt.objs.editor/set-rulers behavior to set CodeMirror rulers - screenshot
  • ADDED: Add file-type definitions for .feature, .rst and many more
  • ADDED: Add F-11 keybinding for fullscreen
  • ADDED: Add pmeta-/ for toggle-comment
  • ADDED: Better error handling for download errors
  • ADDED: Block comment command
  • ADDED: Max length for autocompletion is configurable
  • ADDED: Plugins and settings menu items


  • OSX built on OSX 10.10.4
  • Linux built on Ununtu 14.04
  • Windows built on Windows 7


The MD5 checksum is reproducible on OSX with openssl md5 FILE or certUtil -hashfile FILE MD5 on Windows.

  • osx download - eeb03b4b8e55639b670e96f6d8a69397
  • windows download - 84fbb93779b1197f0c4b87d573be0818
  • linux download - ac8484d589b8b1ff4de11a0954ef49f7