For Vim Users

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Welcome Vimmers! Contributions to help fellow Vimmers are appreciated.

To use Light Table as a vim user, install the Vim plugin. The plugin uses CodeMirror's implementation. For an overview of implemented vim features, see their demo. While CodeMirror's implementation does not have all of vim's features, it has a number of its core primitives. It also has the significant advantage of being a small, readable, well-tested implementation that has a low barrier of entry to new contributors.

Ex Commands

The Vim plugin comes with a few ex commands. Some other ex-command equivalents (equivalent functionality but not bound by default to the same keys):

  • :e[dit] - Edit and autocomplete files by path using the Claire plugin
  • :Q or gq - Paragraph reformatting using the Reflow plugin
  • :map - Find what is mapped to a given key combo with the Describe Key plugin
  • :b[uffer] - This is an implementation that opens buffers/tabs that have been previously opened using a dropdown/filter list. Feel free to add to your user.cljs until it's made into a proper plugin.


Some vim-related plugins to consider installing:

  • Claire - Provides :edit-like command
  • Vim-Focus - Revert to normal mode when a tab loses focus.
  • Marks - Provides at least two additional marks
  • Relative Line Numbers - Provides relative line numbering similar to an equivalent vim plugin
  • Reflow - Reformat paragraphs
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