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Developers of laser rangefinders for detection & measurement.

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  1. SampleLibrary SampleLibrary Public

    Sample code for integrating LightWare rangefinders into various platforms.

    C++ 7 9

  2. lightwarelidar lightwarelidar Public

    ROS package for LightWare Optoelectronics devices.

    C++ 7 3

  3. LW20-Api LW20-Api Public

    Cross-platform API for configuring and operating the LW20 / SF20.

    C 4 9

  4. sf40-docs sf40-docs Public

    Technical documentation for the SF40 line of products.

    HTML 3 1

  5. sf40-samples sf40-samples Public

    Samples for interfacing with the SF40.

    C++ 2 2

  6. LightWareDotNET LightWareDotNET Public

    Sensor API For .NET(CLR) based languages.

    C# 1


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