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1.0.0 Initial Release
1.0.1 Bug fixes + control image added + bottom/center configuration added
1.1.0 Addon settings added to provide more setup options; APA102 added
1.2.0 OSMC support added
1.2.2 Added color order setting
1.3.0 Plugin is now checking if hyperion is installed. If not, runs install commands (for OE only). Grabber priority changed to 900 - as per recent changes in hyperion code.
1.4.0 Auto updater added..
1.4.1 Fix for OSMC
1.4.2 Removing hyperion installation for OSMC
1.5.0 Color of video when grabber signal is off is now available in addon settings
1.5.1 Color order setting fixed
1.5.2 Fixing hyperion v4l2 priority (again) to 910
1.6.0 Turn off leds (up to 150th) if GPIO lightberry is in use
1.7.0 Small bugfixes and fixed depth of scan area (now it is static 8% and 10%)
1.7.1 V4l2 crop default values adjusted for HDMI 4.0 kit
1.7.2 Added BRG color order
1.8.0 Lighberry XL added to led device type
1.8.1 Bugfix of IOError when hyperion.config.json is not present
1.8.1 Lighberry XL color order fix
1.8.2 Bugfix filling unused leds and hardcoded repo address